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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V1.2.5 ~ Quality Squid Content



    Happy Splatfest! Have a little content update.

    - Added some new objects. Can't stop won't stop.
    -- Coricus sprited the 3 new graffitis! Thanks for all your contributions, I really appreciate your bugtesting + creative ideas. Especially when they're for meme purposes like this.
    -- The Stolen Shoji Door is prone to change down the road. It's a placeholder that I had laying around for building purposes, and it looks pretty alright + is the exact sort of stupid thing that Inkling teenagers get up to in spare time. Please don't get too attached to how it looks right now!
    -- The two new posters are also accessible to other races by means of the IUDB Data Drive 04 item. If you don't have one, go pick one up at the Outpost from our Octoling friend there.

    - Added a new codex.
    -- You can unlock its recipe at the Inkling Crafting Table by crafting/picking up the starter Octarian codex.

    - Added two new pieces of clothing for the Love vs. Money Splatfest.
    -- Bet you didn't expect them to be those, did you?

    - Grabbed a flyswatter and fixed some bugs, including that annoying one that was affecting types of quests generated by NPCs.

    - Finally got the Inkling Merchant to have the correct spawn seed.
    Poor Turret, he had a cold for awhile, making his voice even squawkier than usual! But he's all better now.

    - Added the Spyke Merchant to the IUDB Data Drive 04 unlock list. With all races able to collect Super Sea Snails, it seemed like a given.
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