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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.


    because it only took me forever, didn't it?
    download is back on dropbox because that's way easier for me to manage than GitHub. :')


    The Big V2.0.0 Changelog!


    === i. New Content ===

    - Introducing Flooded planets! These planets, designed after the post-human Earth of Splatoon, are based off of the Oceanic biome but boast resources, residents and ruins not found on vanilla Oceanic planets. They can be found orbiting Temperate and Radioactive stars, so grab your Oxygen Tank and prepare accordingly!
    -- Due to them using dungeons that usually don't appear on islands or underwater, Flooded planets take extra time to load their resources upon being generated, and it reflects in the Starbound.log text file. This is completely normal.
    -- Yes, I know there's a bunch of missing objects from the Inkling City dungeon. That's being worked on and tested, and might be fixed someday.
    -- Flooded planets will not be found by pre-existing characters, as their universe file is mostly already set. You're much more likely to find them by creating a new character.

    - Added the CQ-80 to the outpost's octoling merchant! When used, this trinket unlocks a whole variety of Octo Expansion content that's been added, so be sure to go pick one up today!

    - Added a couple new codices.

    - Added three clothing sets. The Kamabo Co. set has three versions of headgear (sorry, no ponytail version right now!) and two versions of leg gear; these differences are purely cosmetic.
    -- The paired clothing sets are tier 3 while the standalone set is tier 4.

    - Added an assortment of new objects. Some are purely decorative, some are interactive, some have questionable uses. All of them are wonderful.
    -- And one of them is a big QOL fix: the Splatnet Laptop! It acts as all four main vendors in one, with a couple items added or removed (no more cheap silk for you, you gotta build the vendor stall for that) and everything a tad more expensive than usual.. but the price is worth it for convenience! You can craft it at the Engineer's Table with the four main vendor objects and some Durasteel Bars, and you start with the recipe.

    - Added an assortment of new hats and wigs, including gear inspired by the latest Splatfest (yes i know one of those is missing, it will be added when it's ready). Some are available from the Cooler Heads stall while others must be crafted.

    - Added the School Blazer chest item, because it really needed to exist. It can be found at the Jelly Fresh stall.

    - Added the Hero Shot Neo, a replica of the Splattershot mimic from Splatoon 2's vanilla story mode. It's a two-handed pistol with some fairly tough stats, and can be found at any Spyke vendor.

    - Added many more prepared foods and recipes (11 or so), as well as a custom Inkling cooking table that facilitates all recipe types. Most of these recipes are available to Inklings from the start, while others are unlockable. The cooking table is available earlier than its vanilla equivalent: it can be made directly from the Inventor's Table without upgrades required.
    -- Also added was a smaller cooking table that only makes drinks, condiments, and.. buffs? You'll know it when you see it, that's for sure.

    - Added a farmable tentacle crop, based off of how Octarian society seems to grow synthetic meat and Octarians in labs. These tentacles drop Raw Tentacles, Tentacle Clippings (which acts as the seed for the crop), and rarely, Vials of Ink and Slime blocks; they regrow after being harvested and tend to take anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes to mature.
    -- This crop behaves like an aquatic crop, and needs to be immersed in liquid to grow. Any liquid is fine, water is easiest.
    -- You can create a Tentacle Clipping by combining Raw Tentacles + Soy Sauce at a medical crafting table.. or you can just find a few of them in the shiplocker upon creating a new character.

    - Added a new consumable buff that is made primarily from the products of the above crop. This buff item is used to craft a couple of other things, as well...

    === ii. Character Additions & Alterations ===

    - Added 19 new colors for your tentacles and markings!

    - Added one new body color palette.

    - Added a handful of new names into random name generator list.

    - Touched up a few hairstyles and made varieties of existing hairstyles in the form of hairstyles without secondary color accents! With these new alternate styles, the tally of available hairstyles (including the three or so gender-specific ones) is roughly 76.
    -- This adds a lot more variety to character creation and generation, both for the player and ingame, because some hairstyles don't wear a secondary color that well, and it's tedious to have to pick the same color as your secondary.

    - Revamped the spritework on the Inkling body sprites and made males + females much more similar, based on a lot of observations that there's really not much dimorphism at all in canon. Assets such as tech skins have been edited accordingly.
    -- Additionally, all clothing items for the chest have been inspected and fixed up for stray pixels, clipping, and other issues.
    -- yes that includes the Anchor Tee, @ me who didn't notice issues with it until she started actually testing everything

    === iii. Edits, Fixes & Buffs ===

    - Buffed the DEATH CAN's damage, changed it to function like a Broadsword, gave it a special and tweaked its element+effects. It's now a little bit more worth the Super Sea Snail pricetag, and generally needed the love because it's an in-joke weapon that I enjoy very much.
    -- You can also now only obtain the DEATH CAN from Spyke. I don't know why it was available at Ammo Knights, because that makes it less special. This is supposed to be a dangerous metagame-ruining weapon, darn it!

    - Fixed up the first three tiers of the Inkbrush line, which now all have specials due to being Broadswords. Also, removed any and all recipes involving the original Shortsword Inkbrushes; while the original items may still exist, you won't be able to craft them anymore.

    - Fixed a multitude of bugs, including: idol outfit sets not having equivalent stats to their counterparts; vanilla Heavy Splatling firing issues; and other more minor things.

    - A small assortment of Inkling dialogue, as well as a couple of codices, have been changed up in some places so that the mod remains consistent lore-wise with both my worldbuilding and the canon material.

    - Small numerical adjustments on weapons and armor for consistency, balance, and other big important words that act as reasons.

    === iv. Credits ===

    - My girlfriend for her suggestion of colors, names, and some object + clothing concepts. ilu <3!
    - Nicole for her work on multiple clothing items, including the Kamabo Co. Croptop, the Skull Bandana, all variations of the Kamabo Co. wigs, the school blazer top, and the Splatfest Wizards Hat; she also wrote the "A Dive Into Hell" codex and came up with the concept for the Hero Shot Neo!
    - DeltaJordan for their contribution of the Flooded biome and its unique dungeon, as well as just managing the loose files over on GitHub.
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