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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V2.1 Update!

    Hey, it's been awhile! Between the current health crisis, other hobbies, and just Life Happening, this update's taken some time. But I've been working on some fun new stuff for the mod, following up on 2.0's theme of what hides beneath the surface...

    - Added the Strange Ooze liquid. Recipe is obtained from the CQ-80, like other Octo Expansion-related items; please re-use your CQ-80 to learn the recipe! It can be crafted at the Inkling Crafting Table and at any crafting station where you can create stimpacks.
    -- Strange Ooze is easy to craft, using materials that can all drop from the special tentacle crop. Or, if you're THAT kind of person, Inkling NPCs can occasionally drop its materials when killed..
    -- It's used for a few recipes that have been retooled and simplified, namely the Sanitized wigs and the Vial of Shimmering Ooze (which has been renamed to Vial of Strange Ooze).
    -- To accommodate these changes, the tentacle crop has had its harvest pools updated to better support Strange Ooze creation.

    - Added a third level of Sanitization status.
    You might seen it before: the "light" version that the Vial of Strange Ooze gives, and the more intense version that the Berserk Agent's Gaze headgear gives to the wearer. This update adds an INCREDIBLY strong version of the status, administered to players and mobs alike upon direct exposure to Strange Ooze. This version is incredibly fast-acting, extremely damaging, and will very quickly kill those exposed to it...

    - ... Unless?
    All three Sanitized wigs (tier 5 + 6 wigs, and the unstatted standalone wig), now provide full immunity to all forms of Sanitization status.
    -- Note that these block sanitization OUTRIGHT, not just the damaging effect of it. You won't get any perks by wearing these and dosing up on ooze, it just won't work at all on you.
    -- As with all status-giving clothes, they'll have to be in the equipped clothing slot for their protective effects to work, not the social/cosmetic clothing slot.

    - Added the Kamabo Co. Tentatails, based off of the second Octoling hairstyle! (It only took forever, oops.)
    -- Recipe is obtained from the CQ-80, be sure to reuse it!

    - Added the Golden Toothpick, a tier 5 (manipulator) headgear! Wear it proudly.
    -- Also obtained from the CQ-80!

    - Added the Sunbathed wigs: tier 6 (accelerator) wigs that combine the four Agent 8 wigs with the Golden Toothpick to truly show off your pride and achievement. These wigs ALSO have the same special status effect as the sanitized wigs: they give the wearer full immunity to sanitization and poison.
    -- They can be crafted after creating a Golden Toothpick, which will give you the recipes on pickup.

    - Added the Kamabo Co. Dualies. Their recipe is obtained from the CQ-80, or by picking up a Vial of Strange Ooze; you can easily get the recipe from dropping+picking up the latter.
    -- They're tier 6, and can be crafted in pairs at the Accelerator crafting station.
    -- Their shots cause moderate sanitization effects on impact with a target, and also splash small amounts of Strange Ooze here and there.

    - Added the Kamabo Co. Charger. Similarly to the dualies, their recipe is obtained from the CQ-80 or from a Vial of Strange Ooze.
    -- It's tier 6 and can be crafted at the Manipulator crafting station.
    -- Its shots inflict severe sanitization effects on impact with a target, but do not splash any Strange Ooze.

    - Added the Clean Poster, to remind you to wash your hands and stay clean in these disorienting times.
    Just don't get TOO clean...

    - Added the Clean Mask! Not only does it also provide immunity to sanitization and poison, it'll help cover your face too.

    - All Splattershot / pistol models now leave a bit of sticky slime behind with each shot!
    -- This is especially fun with Frackin Races, which gives Inklings an immunity to slime slow while other races don't have this immunity!

    - Nearly all ranged weapons now color whatever their shots hit.

    - All tiered armor* can now be dyed in all colors, with every color palette carefully chosen by hand for peak freshness!
    -- *This includes the: Aviator's set (t1), Iconic Squid set (t2), Traditional set (t3), Agent set (t4), Kamabo Co. set (t4, no wigs but both pants), Octoling Soldier set (t5a), Fresh Octoling set (t5a-alt), Samurai set (t5m), Armored Agent set (t5s), Octoling Elite set (t6a), Shogun's set (t6m), Chill Idol's set (t6m-alt), War Hero set (t6s), and Rebel Idol's set (t6s-alt)!
    -- This does NOT include variations of any of these items (such as wigs or the Berserk Agent's gaze)-- not yet. These variations are next up on the list, along with the Off the Hook clothing sets, the original Squid Sisters sets, and other tiered clothes!
    -- Tier 4 wigs cannot be dyed due to their color complexity.
    -- Nontiered clothes are lowest priority but I'll get to them at some point.

    - To accommodate these changes, some very minor color and structure changes have been applied to select tiered armor, such as the tier 5 Accelerator set and others. These are super small, subtle changes to create more cohesion between colors across sets!

    - Slapped mech patching and behavior a bit, and it all works safely and predictably in testing. (Maybe it'll actually work with Frackin Universe now?)

    - Fixed the Werewolf Shirt's icon.
    - Fixed mysterious pixel issues on the Orderly Idol's Top.
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