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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V1.2.0B -- Fresh Summer Changes!

    oh hey new splash image!! nice.


    Anyways, my gf has a fantastic laptop that plays Starbound so smoothly, so testing has, similarly, been smooth. :') Here's the result of all that TLC!


    - Added an alternate tier 5 accelerator armor set, based off of the fresh new look that Octoling Soldiers are sporting for Splatoon 2. It has the same stats as the normal tier 5-A set... for now.

    - Added an alternate ink tank, based off of the...
  2. V1.1.?1 [Starbound 1.3 Fixes 1]: Deploy (Cephalo)pod?

    And this should be working again, because Chucklefish likes breaking my mod a lot and that's not very nice. :') But the cockpit-related crashes are gone now!

    Also, weapon rebalancing. Bam.
  3. Summer Update 1: The Very Beginning

    Working on weapon TLC right now, because that's a central part of the mod and balance is important for a good experience! I'll be fixing other things as find them, too.


    - Paintball projectiles have been shifted to be Splattershot models only, so you can have a little less in the way of pissing off guards and other friendly allies. All of the other guns now have unique projectiles that don't paint stuff, so if you want to ink up some friends or foes, you're...
  4. V1.1.4x -- Octopus Problems

    - Tweaked the Octopus in a Jar. It should be animated properly this time, because some values got swapped somehow.

    - Recipe for t5 roller has been fixed. I have no idea how I missed that originally.

    - Rarities of t6 armors have been fixed.

    - Small edits to the blanket overlay on the bed, because nobody likes cold toes.

    - The deluxe vending machine shouldn't be displaying mysterious empty space above it anymore. Oops.

    - Small experimental tweaks to values in certain places...
  5. V1.1.4: Fixes, vending machines and transdimensional octopuses.

    - Added a new object, spritework courtesy of Coricus.

    - Tier 5 weapon crafting recipes have been tweaked to be a bit more reasonable for that tier.

    - Crafting recipes for ship doors and lockers are now accessible; they require the same ingredients as other racial doors & lockers, and can be made at the same crafting station.

    - The Raw Tentacle item is far more accessible: you can find it in the original Inkling Vending Machine as well as in the new supersize vending machine.

    - Jelly...
  6. Hotfix time!

    - The Vial of Squid Ink's sell price has been vastly reduced (now sells for 5px each-- I must have added an extra zero previously), and its recipe is now learned by non-Inkling species through the 3d-printable IUDB Data Drive 01 item.
    -- Inklings still start with the recipe.

    - Garbage cans should no longer be malicious.
    -- They manifested their evil ways by crashing the game when used -- this has been fixed by giving them 9 slots. You can fit 9 whole items in there, that's pretty cool. Save...
  7. V1.1.x21 - For Retroactive Teleporter Issues

    This update is purely optional; if you're having your ship teleporter misbehave, especially in 64bit versions of the game, please download and install this version.

    - Re-added previous teleporter to assets to allow ship teleporters to continue functioning, because the last update streamlined ship teleporter naming schemata.
  8. V1.1.x2 - Quickfix 2.

    - Fixed the sprite for the Cooked Ramen item.

    - Shuffled the names of a few objects to prevent any potential issues that could arise from the previous naming scheme.

    - Now your cephalopod, too, can inspect classic art with a critical eye.
  9. V1.1.x - Quickfix 1.

    There was an issue with character creation.
    And with the animation frames on one object.

    Those are fixed now. C:

    also there's a bug with the Cooked Ramen item's image not showing up, that'll be fixed in the NEXT quickfix installment, but I only just caught that issue lmao
  10. V1.1.0 Initial Beta: Well, that took awhile.

    I don't really want to call this 100% finished, because Starbound is refusing to work whatsoever on this computer. It boots up fine, doesn't toss errors, but it's constantly freezing up and running at <1 FPS planetside.

    With no NPCs or weather or anything going on.

    In short, I haven't been able to test much of this at all in-game because of the FPS problems, but everything should be working otherwise.
    Please report any and all problems so I can patch them while I still have the...