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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Early morning quickfixes.

    With big new updates come all the little things that weren't caught on the way there.

    - Fixed the breaking issue with furniture that had it.
    - Fixed the Cup of Lollypops' placement issue. I don't know why that happened.
    - Fixed the Shogun's Helmet recipe.
    - Fixed the duplicate Inkling Crafting Table recipe, it should have been the Inkling Toolbox recipe after you initially buy it from Sheldon.
    - Tenants have been removed until they learn to wear clothes and not spontaneously expire upon...
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  2. 0.9.0 Beta: Combat, crafting and colors!

    Whoo, this was a bit of a big one.
    But I can't just start classes again without an update, can I? Updates will slow down from here on out, but I'll still be quick on bugfixes as reports come in.


    - Added tier 5 weapons, featuring the E-Liter 3K, the Hydra Splatling and the Luna Blaster.

    - Added all variants of tier 6 armor. Be sure to save up gold bars for that Manipulator tier, you'll really need it. ;)

    - Added 16 new furniture pieces!...
  3. A quickfix.

    - The Inkbrush Nouveau is no longer malevolent.
  4. v0.8.1B Hotfix: No more malignant rollers!

    - Fixed the weird behavior of roller sprites. They should be not-invisible now.

    - Fixed the general behavior of the Modernized Shelf. It should work as a hanging shelf / platform now, without any extra pixel space up top.

    - Recipes regarding the tier 5 Separator armor should be working now, two of the pieces were sorted incorrectly.

    - The Sea Snail Plush has been added as a craftable decoration. Thank you, Coricus, for your spriting contribution! (And your extended bugtesting. I...
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  5. 0.8.0 Beta: Now with more snacks!

    0.8.0 Beta Changelog:

    - Added tier 4 weapons, featuring the Agent's line, the Octobrush, and the Heavy Splatling Deco.

    - Added tier 5 accelerator, manipulator and separator armors.

    - Added 2 new hats, 2 new pairs of shoes, and 1 new shirt. They can all be bought from their respective vendors.

    - Added 7 unique foods that Inklings will start with the recipes for. They'll be tweaked in the future to provide blueprints upon pickup for non-cephalopod races.
    -- Inklings should...
  6. 0.7.3 Beta: SAIL now fully functional!

    Well, mostly. It still displays as the default Floran AI in the console object on your ship (this seems to be tied to the ship files, which I'm not fussing with right now), but it should be Judd any other time, even planetside!

    I hope you enjoy him! I had too much fun making his "no/reject" animation, honestly.

    Also, I finally fixed that pesky N-Zap '85 duplicate issue for real. Whoops!
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  7. 0.7 Beta: All sorts of colorful things!

    - Changed purple placeholder SAIL to a custom one featuring Judd the cat. This is still in early testing and is prone to bugs and potential changes, but it's working so far.
    -- The ship AI will still appear as a default Floran SAIL until you interact with it. I'm trying to figure out what I should be editing to change it to a custom image.

    - Added tier 3 weapons, including the first model in the Splatling line.

    - Added tier 4 armor.

    - Added multiple colors of glowsticks and flares to the...
  8. Quickfixes.

    - Burst bombs do damage on contact now, like they should. They'll still explode into harmful liquids too.

    - You should now start with the recipe for the green glowstick. Craft that and you'll get the recipes for the three others. I'll probably make a full spectrum of glowsticks by the next update, because not having a ton of colors is bugging me.

    - The Firefly Lantern requires blue glowsticks in its recipe instead of squid ink. How are you going to get it to glow, set it on fire? That's...
  9. 0.6A: Many sorts of stuff.

    Because that's what it is, it's a stuff update!

    - Added tier 2 weapons, including the N-Zap '85, the Squiffer, and the Blaster as new weapon classes. Splatlings and tier 3 weapons will be next!

    - Added tier 3 armor!

    - Added two new hats and three new shirts. You can get them exclusively at your local Cooler Heads and Jelly Fresh.

    - There's now 20 tentacle styles. They ended up in my last update on accident, but.. it's official now.

    - Inklings have their own unique crafting table now:...
  10. Oops!

    There was an issue with last night's hotfix that accidentally took some work in progress material with it. That, and there was a minor issue with the tier2 pants recipe. I have a really bad habit of naming things "inkling(label)pants" instead of "inkling(label)legs" and that screws with things.

    Additionally, I've tweaked the vendor stall recipes so that they can be made with just fabric and a colony deed. I'll change the recipes again once I pick exactly what kind of wood I want to be used....