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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Quick pants fix.

    There was an error with the tier 2 pants recipe. That's been fixed.
    I really need to be more consistent with my naming patterns!

    (Also, you might notice there's a few more tentacle styles now. So that's nice.)
  2. 0.5A: Everything Is Purple! (There's tiered stuff and fixes too.)

    Hooray for tiered stuff! This is just the beginning, weapons and armor will be appearing pretty steadily in future updates so I can fill out progression.


    - Added four Inkling-unique tier 1 weapons: the Splattershot, the Splat Charger, the Splat Roller, and the Inkbrush! They can all be crafted at the tier 1 anvil.
    - Added tier 1 and tier 2 armor. They can be crafted at the tier 1 anvil.
    They require fabric like most other clothes, and the tier 2 chest...
  3. 0.3A: One really late night update with vendors, clothes and armor!

    I should probably kick the habit of staying up so late, it's 6 AM as I type this. Yaaaawnn....

    - Added two vendors, Fresher Heads and Jelly Fresh. They're placeable objects with a merchant interface, and will sell you hats and shirts respectively.
    Their animation might be a bit funny until I fully understand how the game interprets frames, but they're both fully functional and friendly!

    - Added two-- uh, three new sets of clothes! Two and a half, since one of them is just a hat and a...
  4. 0.2.1A: Clothes, racial traits & namegen!

    And with another day comes more progress!

    - You can now craft some cool Cherry Kicks or a dizzying Vector Shirt at your spinning wheel. But despite having proper .recipes and item info, the hats aren't showing up in there. It's starting to make me want to give Inklings their own unique clothes crafting station.. or ask for help. Anyone know what's up here? :')

    - Inklings now have unique racial traits!

    They are slightly faster and can jump a bit higher than vanilla races, and...
  5. Clothes: The Beginning!

    It begins! I'm figuring out items pretty quickly, it's pretty great -- and I may now have a friend on board as a guest spriter for clothes and weapons, too!

    So, here, have a 4:30 AM update:

    - 2 clothes sets, with one including a hat! They can both be selected on the character creation screen, and all of them can be crafted at the spinning wheel.
    It's just normal clothes: these are just for aesthetic so you can look fresh while you wear human armor underneath. Or whatever other armor you...
  6. 0.01.4A: Visual tweaks and other stuff.

    - Implemented the male body base. The body markings are a bit rounder than the female's, it's meant to be that way for sake of variety -- although, I might tweak the ones on the female's legs to match up properly.

    - 2 new tentacle styles (8 & 9). As always, they're unisex.

    - Did some minor changes on the emotes and how they interact with the face. The smile's a toothy grin now (this may change depending on how it looks to me), and there shouldn't be floating eyeball parts anymore when...
  7. 0.01.3A: Update for starting quest and teleport functionality.

    When I uploaded the build earlier, I had missed that quests and teleporting were being.. uh, finicky. This has since been fixed! The Protectorate tutorial quest and initial SAIL quests are now functional.

    Current little things I'm aware of and will fix:
    - Teleportation colors aren't consistent between animation (human colors) and cinematic (apex colors).
    - The blinking / sleeping animation is funny thanks to the facial mask and eyes.
    - This game is still extremely laggy for me on...