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Outdated Star Wars - The Ancient Forge Mod 1.3.3

Forge your lightsabers and be the Jedi you always wanted to be.

  1. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.3.3

    So, I heard your wishes and now I added a LightAxe, na awesome and brutal plasma axe.
    Like all the weapons, there are 7 colors for it and it's tiered from t1 to t10.
    There is only one model, but maybe I'll add more later.

    Sorry for the slow work, but with the university, it's kinda hard to mod.

    Thank you and "may the force be with you"!

    PS: So... I'm planning on doing much cool things on this mod, but I'm a newbie yet. I need somebody to teach me how to work with...
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  2. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.3.2

    Well, after some time, I realized that the liquid "Condensed Force" was giving me and the users more problems than joy, so I decided to remove it. Now we will have regular "water" at the Focusing Crystal Cave biome.

    However, I added the Jedi Robes vanity armor so you can fully enjoy being a Jedi. ^_^
    Have fun and "may the force be with you". :D
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  3. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.3.1 (BUGFIX)

    Sorry guys, just had to fix a bug with the biome generation where some crystals were invisible due to the high spawn rate. Sorry for that.
  4. The Ancient Forge Mod 1.3.0

    Yay! New update!

    I heard you guys so I made a new biome to simulate the original "Crystal Caves" from Star Wars. What to expect there?

    It's a new biome, with a custom background (when there is no block on the background) and a custom rockdivider. Along with that, that are two new block modifications which are: focusing crystal grass and force slime (a very condensed form of The Force). Also, there is a new custom liquid, which is the Condensed Force.

    Yeah! What else?
    Focusing Crystal...
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  5. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.2.0

    Yeah! It's finally out!
    Ancient Forge Mod v.1.2.0 is there! What's new?

    - A new "crafting table" called "Lightsaber Upgrade Table" where you will upgrade your lightsabers. Why did I create a new table? Simple! To not turn the ancient forge into a mess, with almost a thousand of recipes. Left the mess for this new table (although it's still "organized"). I don't know if it was the best choice because it'll use more space, but that's it.

    - Tiered and "balanced" every...
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  6. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.1.2 alpha

    Hi there!
    I'm just releasing the alpha version of this update where I add balanced and tiered lightsabers, along with a new lightsaber upgrading table so the Ancient Forge won't be so full of stuff and confusing.

    Until now, i've made only up to tier2. I'm releasing that so soon because I wanna know if it worked with you, so please give me a feedback reviewing or discussing.
    In order to make it work, I think you're gonna have to create another char (or stick with your's...
  7. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.1.2

    Hi there! New things added (some fixed)!

    What to expect?
    • . Double-Sided Lightsabers! Yes! Those like Darth Maul's! Their animations are like the spear's ones.
    • . Fixed/Added animations for each lightsaber, this means that each lightsaber will have it's own animation with the same color as the blade's.

    That's it! Seems to be too few things changed, but it gave me a lot of work, haha.
    Have fun and "may the force be with you"! ^_^


    1. doublesidedpresentation.jpg
  8. The Ancient Forge Mod v1.1.1

    Version 1.1.1 :

    - 4 new 2-handed lightsabers added:
    • iconic 1 (blue, black, green, red, yellow, orange, purple);
    • iconic 2 (blue, black, green, red, yellow, orange, purple);
    • iconic 3 (blue, black, green, red, yellow, orange, purple);
    • iconic 4 (blue, black, green, red, yellow, orange, purple).

    The hilts were na adaptation of the awesome lightsaber hilts from Squaff's Nefilim Race mod, which I highly reccomend.

    So that's...
  9. Ancient Forge Mod v1.1 out!

    Ancient Forge Mod v1.1 is now out!
    Whats new?

    - Buster Lightsaber now showing.
    - Added focusing crystals.
    - Added hilts.
    - Added 3 new types of lightsabers (standard 2, curved and electrum).

    Now you have to craft 3 crystals and a hilt before crafting the lightsaber, but everything is for 1 pixel yet.

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