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Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.3.1

Defend the innocent using armors, weapons and vehicles of the incomparable Clone Troopers.

  1. ironkoldo
    Defend the innocent using armors, weapons and vehicles of the incomparable Clone Troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Includes Clone and Droid NPCs

    Battle PNG 2.png

    The mod features
    • Clone Trooper equipment

    • Enemy Battle Droids and speeders (with spawner objects)

    • Friendly NPC Clones, Twi'Leks and Battle Droids (crewmembers, etc)

    • The vehicle AT-RT walker, 3 variants

    • 2 Twi'Lek cosmetic heads

    • An R2 droid

    Craft all items in the Clone Wars Crafter crafting station. Craft that station using the Inventor's Table.
    You can also craft equipment (but not droids) in the Forge or Replicator (anvils level 2 and 3).

    Optional addons or mission mods (Steam Workshop only)
    War on Ryloth https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3085504734
    Battle Droids on Planets https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3055415088

    All armors can be dyed to change the legion colors.
    • Clone Armor
    • Clone Armor Phase 2
    • Camo Clone Armor
    • Camo Clone Armor Phase 2
    • Clone Scout Armor
    • Special armor pieces
    • Pauldron and Kama (skirt) Armor
    • ARC Clone Armor
    • Jedi armor
    • Battle Droid armor

    • Using special armor parts you can get the following commander armors:
    • Captain Rex (P1 & P2)
    • Commander Cody (P1 & P2)
    • Commander Gree (P1)
    • Commander Ponds (P1)
    • Commander Bly (P2)
    • And probably more, trying different armor pieces.


    • (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
    • Clone Helmet
    • Clone Helmet with working headlamps
    • Clone Helmet with Macrobinoculars
    • Clone Helmet with Range Finder
    • Clone Helmet with Visor
    • Clone Helmet Rex
    • Camo Clone Sonic Helmet

      (Phase 1)
    • ARF helmet
    • Camo ARF helmet
    • Clone Helmet Gree
    • Clone Helmet Ponds
    • Clone Helmet Kano
    • Clone Helmet Dirty
    • Clone Gunner Helmet
    • Clone Pilot Helmet

      (Phase 2)
    • Clone Scout Helmet
    • Clone Airborne Helmet

      (Other Helmets)
    • Battle Droid Head
    • Twi'Lek Head 1
    • Twi'Lek Head 2

    • Clone Jetpack (increases jump height)
    • Clone Power Pack (backpack with energy)
    • DC-15A Blaster Rifle Back
    • Clone EPP
    • Clone ARC EPP
    • Battle Droid EPP


    • (Ranged)
    • DC-15 blaster rifle
    • DC-15A blaster rifle
    • DC-17 blaster pistol
    • E-5 blaster rifle
    • Z-6 Rotary Cannon

    • Clone Punch
    • Droid Head

    • EMP grenades

    • Clone Grappling Hook


    • - Hostile NPCs
    • Battle Droid spawner
    • Assassin Droid spawner (spider droids)
    • B2 Super Battle Droid spawner
    • Droid STAP speeder spawner

      All droids, except for the STAP speeder, can be captured as pets using capture pods.

      - Friendly NPCs
      (must be spawned via commands, instructions inside the mod, as a craftable codex)

      The crewmember clones spawn with random helmets, and have no forced color on their armor, so you can change their whole armor and legion colors using your ship tailor.
      Other crewmembers, like Clone Scouts, have a forced armor, so you can change your crew's uniform but keep your Clone Scouts as they are.

    • Clone Trooper Crewmember (P1) (random helmet)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetroopercrewmember

    • Clone Trooper Crewmember (P2) (random helmet)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooperp2crewmember

      Forced armor crewmembers:
    • Camo Clone Crewmember (P1)
    • NPC ID: ikcamoclonecrewmember

    • Camo Clone Crewmember (P2)
    • NPC ID: ikcamoclonep2crewmember

    • Clone Scout Crewmember (P2)
    • NPC ID: ikclonescoutcrewmember

    • Heavy/Commander Clone Crewmember (P1 random helmet)
    • NPC ID: ikheavyclonecrewmember

    • Heavy/Commander Clone Crewmember (P2 random helmet)
    • NPC ID: ikheavyclonep2crewmember

    • Clone Keeli's Company Crewmember (P1)
    • NPC ID: ikclonekeelicrewmember

    • Clone Pilot Crewmember (P1)
    • NPC ID: ikclonepilotcrewmember

      - Other crewmembers
    • Twi'Lek Crewmember
    • NPC ID: iktwilekcrewmember

    • Battle Droid Crewmember (random head mark color)
    • NPC ID: ikbattledroidcrewmember

      - Other NPCs
    • Clone Trooper Guard (P1)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooper

    • Clone Trooper Guard (P2)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooperp2

    • Clone Trooper Follower (P1)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooperfollower

    • Clone Trooper Follower (P2)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooperp2follower

    • Clone Trooper Follower (P2)
    • NPC ID: ikclonetrooperp2follower

    • Twi'Lek Villager (normal villager)
    • NPC ID: iktwi'lekvillager

    • Twi'Lek Villager Follower (scared villager)
    • NPC ID: iktwi'lekvillagerfollower

      - Pets
    • R2 Droid Spawner object

    Download Mirror
    Steam Workshop:

    How to install:
    Copy or move the "star-wars-the-clone-wars-1.3.1.pak" inside Starbound's "mods" folder and start the game, that's all.

    How to find Starbound's "mods" folder:

    - If you have Starbound in Steam, open Steam, go to your game library, right-click Starbound, click "Manage", click "Browse local files".
    Now you should be in Starbound's folder, and you should see the folder "mods".

    - If you have Starbound in GOG Galaxy, find the GOG directory, enter the folder "Games", enter the folder "Starbound", and you should see the folder "mods".

    Before uninstalling:
    Remove the mod's objects (Crafting stations, spawners, decorations, etc) from your ship or important planets as a prevention.

    If you don't, sometimes nothing happens, but one time my ship was reset for having an object that spawned a mod pet (such as Baby Yoda or R2 droids)

    Remove the mod's inventory items from inventory/chests.
    Usually if you don't, the game crashes once, and works fine after that, but could be different on each computer.

    This is a fan art mod based on "Star Wars" and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Main más luz.png
    2. Headlamps mas luz.jpg
    3. at-rt-walker-animation.gif
    4. Jetpacks V2.jpg
    5. Vehicles.png
    6. Helmets 2.png
    7. Rex.jpg
    8. droid-speeder-animation.gif
    9. Specialists.jpg
    10. Clone army.jpg
    11. AT RT driver.png
    12. Helmets 3.png
    13. Buildings Cody.png
    14. General más luz.png
    15. Spider droids.png
    16. Kano on Ryloth V2.png
    17. Ponds.png
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