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Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.3.1

Defend the innocent using armors, weapons and vehicles of the incomparable Clone Troopers.

  1. 1.3.1 Update

    Added several armor pieces, such as phase 2 helmets.
    Added two skins for the AT-RT.
    Added Twi'Lek cosmetic heads.
    Added NPCs.
    Added extra items.
  2. 1.2.1 Update


    Republic R2 unit NPC
    Camo clone armor
    Battle droid outfit
    E-5 Blaster rifle
    Battle droid crewmember NPCs
  3. 1.05 Update

    - Added:
    Jedi Armor
    EMP grenades
    Clone Power Pack (clone backpack)
  4. Z-6 Rotary Cannon Update

    Added the weapon Z-6 Rotary Cannon.
  5. Minor update

    Minor bug fixes