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Outdated Star Weapons Remade! Alpha 1.2b

Gunz and Weird lightsaber Katanas!

  1. MewMan
    Hello everyone and welcome to Star Weapons Remade!

    This is my second go at my original mod, the first one had a nice ammount of stuff, some of which I might bring back later on such as the caladbolg, But anywho, I am taking a second go cause I have seen people have made stuff similar to my original plan, stuff like lightsabers and what not, so instead, I am going based on other things, Various weapons from other games and just random stuff in general.

    NOW, I have plans on adding a TON of stuff to this over time, Things such as.

    More Starkatanas, More colors.
    Bombs, Like sticky bombs, Some with effects like poisoning and stuff like that.
    Different types of swords such as Greatswords and krises
    I've also considered taking a go at katars so if anyone would like that, lemme know :p
    And anything you might suggest I'll try to get in, Im only one guy though.

    If you could give me any feedback I'd really appreciate it! And thanks for checking out my mod :3
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