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[Starbound 1.0+] Platform Books 2.1.0

Adds platform books, or changes bookpiles collision to 'platform' so you can walk through them!

  1. Update for Starbound 1.0+

    Updated for Starbound 1.0+

    Added alternate version
  2. Glad Giraffe

    Updated modinfo for Glad Giraffe
  3. Re-added 'falling' and 'cascading'!

    Re-added 'falling' and 'cascading'!

    This was bugging me quite a bit. I would build windowsills to put the books on, and when I removed the...
  4. Books no longer cast shadows

    No More Shadows!
    I didn't like how books sitting on a shelf, would cast shadows if there was a pointlight near. So now, they don't cast shadows.
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  5. Removed 'falling' and 'cascading' properties!

    Removed the 'falling' and 'cascading' properties.
    Due to an issue where the books would no longer stack properly beyond five tiles high, I've removed the 'falling' and 'cascading' properties. This also allows you to place books on tables and other furniture you can stand on, as previously, they would just have fallen through and broken.
  6. Changed resource to a patch.

    Instead of replacing the mechanics, I've changed it to a patch. I've also given back shadows, as those look better than no shading at all.