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[Starbound 1.0+] Tanz' Lighting Overhaul! 1.4.1

Overhauled lighting system with loads of customization!

  1. TanzNukeTerror

    This mod provides an overhaul in lighting, making ambient light darker and making all objects that cast light, also cast shadows. It doesn't change or add anything that requires a character or universe wipe, just patches objects with light!

    This mod is known to cause performance issues! Do not install the main portion if you value your frames per second!

    That said, you can still install the customizations without issue. They don't do anything too heavy, so they shouldn't affect performance much, if at all.

    To install: Download the .zip file from this page. Open it, and put TanzLO-main.pak into your mods folder.

    To install a customization, pick the corresponding .pak for the one you want. Only use one of each, or you probably won't get what you want.

    Customizations can stand alone!

    Don't want things like torches casting shadows and potentially lowering your performance? No problem! Simply don't install TanzLO-main.pak! The customizations will affect default lighting on their own, and don't depend on TanzLO-main.pak to function! c:

    • Default - (Normal brightness for lighting. No additional customization required.)
    • Medium - (Medium lighting brightness.) TanzLO-brightness-medium.pak
    • Dark - (Lowest lighting brightness.) TanzLO-brightness-dark.pak
    • Default - (Normal pass-through on solid blocks. No additional customization required.)
    • Some pass - (Light still passes through solid blocks, but not as much.) TanzLO-passthrough-some.pak
    • No pass - (Light does not pass through more than one block.)TanzLO-passthrough-none.pak
    Ore glow
    • Bright - (For people who just want to get what they need and get out of the ground.) TanzLO-oreglow-bright.pak
    • Medium - (For people who still wan to see the ores, but don't want it quite so glaring.) TanzLO-oreglow-medium.pak
    • Dark - (A subtle glow, for those who want to see ore, but not quite.) TanzLO-oreglow-dark.pak
    • Bright aura - (Bright player aura, not as bright as having a lantern stick.) TanzLO-aura-bright.pak
    • Normal - (Normal aura. No additional customization required.)
    • Dark aura - (Dark player aura, for those who still want to see, but want to see less.) TanzLO-aura-dark.pak
    • No aura - (No player aura. For those who want to lurk in the shadows.) TanzLO-aura-none.pak
    • Monsters - (Monsters now disappear when cloaked in shadow!) TanzLO-monsters.pak


    I've done my best to cover everything, but if you:

    • Find an object that does not cast shadows
    • Find an object that doesn't cast light correctly (Example: A spotlight that casts a full circle instead of a beam.)
    • Find an object that flashes red (or any color) when particles fly off
    Let me know in the discussion section.

    Also, if you enjoy this mod, please leave a rating. It will help me know what people like, and it makes me feel good to have made you happy. c:

    Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/ko2Xd


    With TanzLO-main







    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Update for 2016-11-16
  2. Update for Starbound 1.0+
  3. Mod support

Recent Reviews

  1. JT`
    Version: 1.4.1
    Can't believe I never left a review for this before, but this remains one of my favourite mods. Although particularly high-detail mission areas like the Outpost, (Elithian Races) Starfarer's Refuge, or (Elithian Races) Creon Embassy will stutter slightly when running with the TanzLO-main pack, I think the sheer gain in visual quality is well worth the FPS penalty.

    I suggest not using the Monsters addon, as although it is highly clever, it doesn't support mod-added unique monsters and it can get very frustrating. It definitely adds an element to the gameplay, though: try it and decide for yourself!
  2. BlueSmoke
    Version: 1.4.1
    OY, this mod is really good! Works like a charm.
  3. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
    Version: 1.4.1
    Does what it says on the box, and very well. I recommend it!
  4. Lengey
    Version: 1.4.1
    Must have if you want a BIG IMMERSION! Damn how i love this one!
  5. Chofranc
    Version: 1.4.1
    Ok, following the old No Player Glow, i came to here a find more stuff to increase the immersion, all works like a charm :), you forgot to put a gif with the different versions of the ore glow and i don't know if is possible to you to make a version of the ore glow without ore glow at all. Thank for the great mod.
  6. Tickles_McGee
    Version: 1.4.0
    Love this mod! I makes the game look incredibly pretty, and I love the customization.

    The only flaw is that FU disables the aura so if you like having auras from this mod your boned. Otherwise an amazing mod!

  7. Zach_Attack
    Version: 1.3.5
    Would be 5 stars if was unstable compatible.
    Other than that Amazing Mod!
  8. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Version: 1.3.5
    So glad to see that at least someone else has been developing variations of my mods in my absence. With the addition of all of these add-ons, it certainly blows my old Shadow-Casting Lighting mod out of the water.
    1. TanzNukeTerror
      Author's Response
      I actually didn't know about yours until it popped up in the mods section after you updated to discontinue, honestly. But thanks! c:
  9. Pepperpeps
    Version: 1.3.4
    do you think you could add an option for novaboys to glow when the player glow is off for others? other than that its a pretty solid mod
  10. Luthor614
    Version: 1.3.4
    Very good mod, adds incredible ambiance to an immersive world ;-)