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[Starbound 1.0+] Tanz' Lighting Overhaul! 1.4.1

Overhauled lighting system with loads of customization!

  1. Update for 2016-11-16

    Should fix log spam caused by the monsters customization.
  2. Update for Starbound 1.0+

    Updated all main modules for Starbound 1.0+!

    Also included a new customization: Ore glow!
  3. Mod support

    Re-added some mod support.

    This update is mainly me just getting things together after losing my hard drive, so don't worry too much about updating if your current version works fine.
  4. Actually, you know what, I think I've fixed it.

    My apologies to the eight people who downloaded the last update.

    Nothing has changed except that I've re-added the monsters customization. This patch reduces performance loss by a considerable amount. At least, for me. Re-uploading so people can test and yell at me if it doesn't work. :D
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  5. Removed monsters

    Well, it's been fun, but I've removed the monsters customization. I'm not clever enough to optimize it right now, and I don't want to burden new users with a customization that bogs down their system when I promise no performance loss when using customizations. :c

    I'll probably come back to it, and try to implement it better, but there's no guarantees.
  6. Patched glass tiles

    Added a tile patch .modpak to fix some light not coming through glass. c:
  7. More customization! Updated mod support!

    More Glad Giraffe support!

    Updated mod support for Glad Giraffe!
    Updated FU and Avali mod support....
  8. Glad Giraffe support!

    Glad Giraffe support!

    Re: Mod support
    While the main portion of this mod has been updated to support...
  9. Updates!

    Updates and support!

    Updated mod support!
    Updated FU and Avali mod support. (PGS and Peglaci haven't...
  10. Fixed the damn campfire red flashes.

    Not going to bother styling this update. The campfire keeps getting patched weird, so I made sure I knew for a fact it was patched properly this time.
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