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Starboy Handheld Games 1.6.1

A handheld arcade game you can play anywhere!

  1. Value Rebalance

    This is just a minor change to address the value of the handhelds and arcades. New values respectively 1500, 2500.
  2. Ruination has come!

    A new starboy game, Ruination is out! Control a small defense platform that you move around the surface of your planet to ward off invading enemy ships.
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  3. Scores and Rewards!

    Games now save the top 3 scores along with the character's name. Doing well in games will give a few pixels and potentially items.
  4. Starboy Crafting Station

    Starboy has it's own crafting table now!
  5. Ronin Rumble

    Ronin Rumble is the latest game in the starboy collection. Type the words as they appear to defeat your opponent.
  6. Quick Fix

    Both Aether Wings recipes are now auto-learned
  7. Aether Wings!

    New Starboy Game Aether Wings! A side scrolling shmup!
  8. Arcade Cabinets

    Both Meteoroids and Protectorate Defense now have craftable arcade cabinets.
  9. Poptop!

    AstroPet Changes:
    Poptop Evolution
    New minor behaviors
    Reset Button
  10. AstroPet!

    Beta Release of AstroPet, the handheld virtual pet.