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Starburst Rework Mod 1.3.1

A rework to the game which overhauls all planets and adds many things.

  1. Bitfire3971
    It is recommended to backup your player and universe files before downloading. As your universe will break when removing the mod from your list.

    What is Starburst?
    Starburst is a mod that aims to improve the game dramatically without losing the feel of Starbound itself. Reworking old and new content to fit into an improved framework and adding new content when needed. Making things more challenging, unique, and distinct. Explore a new cosmos that is more varied and vast than before, with many new hazards to overcome, and lots of unique things to find.

    How do I get started?

    It is recommended to start a new game and universe when starting the mod, but it will still work if you don't. Once you make it through your first planet, create a Hazard Lab Table to grant you items to survive on the newly overhauled planets. After that, well, continue onwards as you would normal Starbound.

    Game Changes
    New Hazard System
    The hazards on planets have been extremely overhauled, with new hazards, mild hazards, and new methods of staving them off. EPPs have been relegated to the end of a tier rather than the start. You can even try to survive by mitigating them or even going in without protection. Really makes you feel like you're conquering new worlds.

    New Hazards
    Many hazards have been added to add in more of a difficulty curve. Mild versions of all hazards have been implemented to planets starting at Tier 3, easy to stave off. As well, 2 new hazard types have been added: Toxicity and Static. Both have unique ways of keeping you on your toes.

    Hazardous Weather
    Many weather patterns have been changed and added to become hazardous. These weather patterns give you Mild versions of the hazards they belong to and start as early as Tier 2. They aren't too dangerous, they last only for a little while and taking shelter blocks them entirely without any hazard mitigation.


    New Mitigation Methods
    With the new Hazard Lab Table and its upgrade, you can obtain new Hazard Blocking consumables and augments. Consumables are what you start off with and only last a limited time before needing to be reapplied, Augments are permanent blockers but require something to install them on to work. EPPs have been reworked to be an end of tier addition and no longer block every hazard, just the one they're built for, as well they only exist for the Deadly variants of hazards, but block them completely.


    New Progression System
    Progression as a whole has been changed to a new mold, with new hazards, reworked stars, and planets shifted around to better fit each one. They follow a strict progression that helps build up difficulty as you progress through the game.
    • Tier 1-2: Gentle Stars
      • No Hazards
      • Hazardous Weather
    • Tier 3: Temperate Stars
      • Mild Hazards
      • No Oxygen
    • Tier 4: Hazardous Stars
      • Deadly Radiation
      • Deadly Toxicity
    • Tier 5: Chaotic Stars
      • Deadly Heat
      • Deadly Chill
      • Deadly Static
    • Tier 6: Bleak Stars
      • 2 Hazards At Once

    Equipment Visual Overhauls
    Many unique weapons have had new improvements to their sprites and even include a new tooltip that shows off their new descriptions. As well, randomized melee weapons have new sprites and palettes to be more visually pleasing. A little bonus to help make all of them feel a bit better to use.

    Planet Overhauls
    All planets now have their own unique biome spawns and structure spawns entirely unique to them, ones that fit the planet themselves, no longer homogenized. The biomes themselves have been improved with new looks in certain places, with new objects, plants, and even improved parallaxes on some. As well, they have their own new cave structures below the surface with new things to find.

    New Additions
    There are many new additions to make the game better and make everything more unique. From new equipment to things completely unique to certain planets.

    New Biomes
    There are many new biomes added to this mod, many of which are there to make things more interesting, from planet specific cave types, to new planet types entirely, complete with their own unique spin on things. As well as new dungeons to be found on them.
    • 1 Planet
    • 3 Surface Biomes
    • 16 Underground Biomes
    • 2 Dungeons
    anabaticpreview.png cavepreview1.png cavepreview2.png dungeonpreview1.png

    New Resources
    With a progression overhaul, you bet there's a lot of new materials. Every planet has their own unique material that you can make many things with, predominantly, new pieces of equipment to speed you along to the next tier that are stronger than their base counterparts. Some even returning from beta!
    • 11 New Ores
    • 1 Monster Drop

    New Equipment
    There are many new pieces of equipment to keep you going along, new unique weapons, new tools. Many new things to create and find. Some crafted from materials. Some are planet specific, only can be found in a certain biome and very powerful once found. Who knows, there might even be some you didn't expect...

    Enhancement Packs
    There are even new kinds of equipment known as Enhancement Packs, back items that give you a myriad of powerful buffs and can even accept Augments. Made to perhaps rival the EPPs in effectiveness. Many cosmetic back items have been converted into enhancement packs.

    • 20+ New Craftable Weapons
    • 10+ New Craftable Shields
    • 5 New Craftable Tools
    • 25+ Biome Unique Weapons
    • 4 New Unique Weapons
    • 10+ Enhancement Packs
    weaponpreview1.png weaponpreview2.png weaponpreview3.png
    equipmentpreview1.png equipmentpreview2.png

    Q: Is this compatible with Frackin' Universe?
    A: Yes, this mod has made accomodations to fit in Frackin' Universe, however, it likely won't work too well. It won't break anything though.

    Q: Will this mod be updated?
    A: Yes, there are many things that I want to add that I haven't yet. I will attempt to update this mod regularly with new additions that will hopefully improve the game or even make things work differently.

    Other Links
    If you have any questions, bug reports or feedback, please direct them to my own personal discord server. Mod updates will be posted there and if you'd like to help out, that'd be great.


    Steam Page

    Imbion, for helping me come up with this mod and playtesting it in its early stages. ❤

    Silver Sokolova, for helping me with many compatibility issues during development.

    Raiizy, for helping me with gun sprites, and even allowing me to use one of his own sprites.

    Final Words

    This mod is perhaps my most important one by far. Ever since I started modding, I wanted to make a mod that improved the game without breaking what made Starbound special, one that some mods throw away. Please share the word and give this mod support if you enjoy it, I know that some might be turned off by its ambitious changes, but I hope this will help people enjoy the game even more. Thank you for reading this far.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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