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Starburst Rework Mod 1.3.1

A rework to the game which overhauls all planets and adds many things.

  1. Elemental Survival Update

    + Status Effect Overhaul!: As a major quality of life addition, all visible status effects have been given a new coat of paint. Making them more readable on what they do and what from.
    + Status effects now have descriptions on the ends of their titles describing their properties.
    + Changed some status effect names to better suit their strength, source, and giving them more flavor.
    + New icons for some of the status effects.
    + All debuffs are now labelled in red...
  2. Living Planet Update

    New downloads have been relegated to GitHub, use the download link.

    + Hazard Lab Table Overhaul!: The Hazard Lab Table has been given a little face lift to better suit the new additions. Including a new tier of hazard protection only seen with the Universal EPP, also some new additions as well.
    --- Changes
    + Hazard Lab Table now has a level 3 version, the Climate Research Station, allowing you to make Universal Hazard items.
    + All EPPs are now crafted...
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  3. Minor Hotfix

    -Fixed invalid spawntype of pulpin on Wooded Archipelagos due to a typo.