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StarTech Themed 2.0 1.2

Super advanced storage, in STYLE!

  1. Yanazake
    StarTech Themed 2 is now also on STEAM! Click HERE to try out direct updates from now on :D

    One of the best mass-storage mods around, why not add skins to it so it fits any base? And I mean ANY!... As long as I can actually work on the theme!

    Alright star-faring pals; This is something I felt that shouldn't stay abandoned, so I took up the challenge and I'm now ready to work on it!

    That said, feedback, material hunting and suggestions - as well as PERMISSIONS [this is important, seriously] are very welcome! To be more specific, I need furniture themed on the race or theme in question to get a feel or a base to start from and make the furniture options.

    This mod should NOT be used with the old StarTech themed, available either at GitHub or Steam Workshop. If you have that mod, remove it and use this instead.
    Small Improvements messes up the workbench window of StarTech. I have no idea why and I'd patch it in my mod if I had. It looks like such a good mod!

    You NEED both StardustLib and StarTech for this to work.
    The original StarTech is usually used with Frackin Universe, so you're safe if you have it. But if you don't want it, you should get ZTARBOUND for extra info.

    ----- 1.0 -----
    - Added Protectorate theme with its unique UI.
    - Added Hive Wasp theme

    ----- 0.9 -----
    - Added Glitch Village theme
    - Added Saturnian theme - they aren't learning it yet, tho. Why does this happens to me?
    - Moved how some blueprints are learned.

    ----- 0.8 -----
    - Starting to prepare the grounds for themed windows when accessing telepads and storage network.
    - Wood storage bus now doesn't pop out of the wall as much. It STILL comes with the wood planks, where else would you put that besides timber walls?.. Ok, Rainbow Wood may be a thing. One day. Who knows.
    - Themed telepads! At least for the currently added themes! If not racial, they'll be taught through obtaining something related.

    ----- 0.7 -----
    -Descriptions for some itens were added to all vanilla playable races, and some modded races when it applies.
    -Novakid/Steampunk themed drivebay got a dirty fix for its lights. This drive and a few others only display properly when facing right.
    -FIXED the Avali not learning their blueprint! Also, you need to craft the original transmatter controller to craft the Avali version. *WARNING* if you made the Avali models before this update, they WILL VANISH. Be sure to remove them before updating to this version and deleting them from your inventory.
    -The Frackin Universe furnaces now can output resonite! And also a few other things the StarTech furnace did. The output is STILL high, as much as I tried to lower it. Balance comes later, I guess. Since few things need resonite, I might increase how much resonite they need.
    -I goofed and replaced the outpost controller lit texture file. It's fixed now.
    -Some drivebay icons are now actual ICONS. THEY LOOK SO TINY!
    -Added Floran and Wooden themes. These may need some tweaks.

    ----- 0.6 -----
    -Added Hylotl City theme
    -Added Avali theme - for some reason, the Avali won't learn the blueprints at all :c
    -Started to actually butcher some codes into new stuff

    ----- 0.5 B -----
    -Added Avian Temple theme
    -Added Avikan/Droden theme

    ----- 0.5 -----
    -Added Ztarbound/Frackin Universe support for changelog info... And maybe more.
    -Added Apex Lab theme
    -Giving racial themed controller recipe to respective races!

    Version 0.4 B (Continuing from where thakyZ stopped)
    • Removed redundant entries
    • Added a quick fix for the Fluxpulse Augpack so it won't break when put on a mannequin
    • Made the two available Transmatter Controller recipes available by crafting the original one - this will change later
    • Made Novakid/Steampunk themed Controller, drivebay, storage bus and terminal.
    • Fixed wrong paths causing crashes when placing any themed item
    • Fixed and tweaked the animation frames for the FU and Outpost terminals
    the first.png the second.png the third.png some more.png pads.png
    zetaPrime for creating Star Tech and Starlib
    thakyZ for creating Star Tech Themed and giving me permission to work on it
    Sayter for making me realize I wasn't paying attention to my patching
    Aegonian, for creating the Elithian Races mod, and Nebulox, and some peeps from Elithian Races community for discussing coding with me.
    RyuujinZERO for creating the Avali race and FEVIX for mantaining the Triage version of the mod.
    Skyligh for creating the Saturnian Race
    DooM74G for helping me with the protectorate theme
    GTG3000 for creating the Wasp Hive Race

    The original StarTech Themed description listed the following themes to work on.
    I'll mark them with green to represent what resource I have in hand, orange for what exists but I still need to find/improve/edit, and red for what may need to be done from scratch or needs permission. When something is done, It'll be listed in BLUE and added to the Changelog.

    You can follow development here in this Google Sheet page.

    Permissions for the assets: The old content, Frackin Universe lab and Outpost themed itens, are within the same permission as the original StarTech Themed mod. New themed itens are free to be used as long as credit is given to me, Yanazake.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.