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StarTech Themed 2.0 1.2

Super advanced storage, in STYLE!


    - Added Protectorate theme with its unique UI.
    - Added Hive Wasp theme

    The mod is anything but done, I still plan on making more Elithian stuff. And the Slime stuff biome-wise, not the race because I never got an answer about it.

    This update took forever thanks to technical issues and my lack of interest on making things for the hoomans. No, srsly, HUMANS? There are six other interesting races available PLUS MODS, and you still want to be a lame human? Good thing I went for the protectorate route and not a bland human tech.

    By the way, the protectorate version has custom UI details with the protectorate theme! This was annoying, but a step up considering I just added effects before. Eventually, I may make Custom UIs reflecting each and every theme included. Next target might be Avali, but only after I'm done with what's planned - and that includes custom themed final tier batteries. REMEMBER YOU CAN GET YOUR RESONITE THROUGH FRACKIN UNIVERSE STUFF TOO NOW!
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