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Starwars stuff 2.6

Long long time ago...

  1. kyajin22
    Soon to be on steam workshop

    starwars vanity gear.. lightsabers.. and even a blaster rifle,
    to make the stuff you need to make a ancient forge but the clothes are made my a spinning wheel..oh.. and i forgot... you can craft crystals by putting 10 coal in a stone furnace

    Force powers.
    More weapons.
    More Clothes.
    Better way to get focus crystals.
    Maybe a new race or two...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I did ask draco if it was ok to remake his ancient forge mod and he it was fine im hoping in time there will be alot more content.. if bugs are found please let me know and ill do what i can to fix them.. if you have ideas feel free to let me know so i can try and get them up

    A link or two to the two mods that made this mod possable:

    i have removed upgraging table as it stoped working and i cant get it to fix so sabers are all one tier

    I am thinking of starting a star wars role play server please let me know what you think.. and maybe tell me how to start one up.. and always thank you all for using this mod and enjoy your game

    Thanks to:
    draco1122 : (for the starwars ancient forge + starwars gear mod)
    CFFaccount : (for work on the new sith robes and other work he wil be helping me with.. no joke this guy is a big help)
    The pizza guy! : (for saving me time for cooking.. and helped shockingly with a error with the forcepowers not having the right JSON.. who knew he played starbound...)
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    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. epiehler
    Version: 2.6
    what is a ancient forge? is it a weopon upgrade anvil well it's not I checked
    1. kyajin22
      Author's Response
      Hello. No its just a crafting table for now.. i have not updated the mod on this site in some time.. i plan to do so soon and im sorry about that,, but the mod is kinda on hold till i get alot more done with the mod with updates and fixs.. hope to have everything sorted out soon.. thanks for using this mod and hope to do alot more for it soon
  2. Crusism
    Version: 2.6
    The clothing are awesome, but this could use more weapons.\
  3. Anonoriginal
    Version: 2.6
    its ALRIGHT I like the clothing.
    But the weapons are... A lot to be desired (see discussion)
  4. JjForcebreaker
    Version: 2.4+1
    Very nice mod, I'd like to see more weapons and outfits.

    Current issues:
    - curved and standard lightsabers should have a lil bit different stats imho
    - double bladed lightsabers should have mixed attack- stab AND slash, they are swords not pikes after all
    - in Ancient Forge, only red Double Sided have proper description. Rest of them is called just 'Lightsaber'.
  5. Solzucht
    Version: 2.4+1
    thanks for fixing ur bugs :)
  6. Ashtar084
    Version: 2.4
    when I enter the game closes in v . 2.4 what reason ? the previous version worked perfectly ,. sorry i use google translate
    1. kyajin22
      Author's Response
      one of the items i added.. that is not removed would crash the game.. getting around to readding it soon after some more tests and then ill get back to making more items
  7. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.9+5
    good job \ o / worked in 1.0 nightly thank you, how about putting the sound of Violium sword style swords style laser same . sorry i use google translate
  8. acatd24
    Version: 1.7
    My Favorite mod to play with.
    1. kyajin22
      Author's Response
      thanks dude.. by the looks of things i may have some of the lightsabers working by tomorrow sadly its going to take time to get all sabers and things working.. hope to have all fixed soon
  9. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.7
    Nightly works in ?
    this mod is incredible 'm a fan of StarWars
    1. kyajin22
      Author's Response
      i think it does.. not sure and im about to get back to work on this mod now sorry for not working on this for some time.. hope you get it up dated
  10. Flaxen Kitsune
    Flaxen Kitsune
    Version: 1.7
    It is good, great eve, but what would make it better is Jawa stuff(Like armor and weapons) Thank you for making this mod regardless!
    1. kyajin22
      Author's Response
      i did plan lots of stuff for this mod... even working on a shuttle to fly around in but im not doing much atm till the big update i am also working on a race or two but yea til i get ahang of the new codes i will have to wait for updates.. i may add shuttles soon mainly to see how everyone takes it