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Starwars stuff 2.6

Long long time ago...

  1. Hit it!

    boosted the stats on the sabers after having some news that the sabers are to weak.. and added the admin saber.. it was ment to be a test for power up and down sabers,,, if all goes well then soon il have better lightsabers,, admin saber only comes in one color atm...
  2. Stars are so pretty!

    hi sorry about the last update.. force lightning kinda bust the game.. so i have removed it for now and added sabers and i think i fixed afew bugs but still trying to find out why some of the armors dont show on the crafting menu.. anyway heres a patch to fix the last update hope it all goes well and thank you all for useing my mod
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  3. Use the force...

    a update that should fix afew things.. and re added some of the sabers blaster rifle and force lightning along with a few clothes.. for some reason not all the clothes show up on the list... still trying to find out why thats happening.. if you find out before me... please let me know
  4. getting there ..slowly

    right.. i fixed the bugs that was found.. tested it my self.. and i have added saber sounds again and added the doublesided sabers back.. hope yo enjoy and now back to work for me lol
  5. Little fix

    right.... you can now make crystals again.. and the blaster rifle works,
    and the armors have all been fixed and the things needed for them have changed.. alittle...now.. if all works well, i plan to add more sabers.. and then get to work on a race.. i hope..
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  6. My god.. that was not easy...

    Yo all! sorry for the wait.. and so on.. there is not much of a update today as it took me 4 hours just to get this stuff to work.. so far we have one handed lightsabers of one type.. for now.. and the blaster rifle works.. i hope.. and all outfits work again!

    any bugs please let me know and ill get to them as soon as i can. thank you all for waiting and for all your help,, may the force be with you all.. always
  7. May the force be with you.....

    Just adding scout armour still working on the new lightsaber and trying to find out how to add second attacks like other weapons have.. oh and soon ill be starting a star wars roleplay server.. when i remember how to do so... there will be a list of mods needed for the server and maybe afew rules...
  8. Its a Fix!

    Hi all .. im really sorry i have not done much for this mod in along time.. i have been having irl stuff i need to deal with.. sorry all but i plan to do more.. but i may need a little help.. as i forgot how to delete background off a image as i made new lightsabers but cant remove the white lol... anyway.. this is just a bug fix.. saber buffs gone and should be able to make crystals
  9. more then just a glow stick!

    i fixed a few bugs and added sandtrooper chest....not great but im still working.. iconic lightsaber now fits right in the hand and the glow problem is fixed .. i removed the upgrade table as it kinda bugged out so all sabers are one tie but good attack power..i think.... let me know bugs and ideas thank you all for downloading and playing this mod and i hope you all enjoy the game sorry it took so long to update
  10. ...sorry all

    right.. theres something wrong with this.. there is a download link on main page.. sorry all