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Steam Punk v0.3.2(Beta)

Steampunk Civilization with all the stuffs and glory!

  1. zilgaant
    My First Quest to expand and Enrich the Universe of Starbound
    adding Steampunk experience inspired by Novakids and Glitchs.

    My objective is to fully implement the Steampunk Civilization inside the universe.

    1 Cooking table + 4 Dish
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    itemname "sp_steamstove"

    1 Harvest Crop
    itemname "sp_gasparagus" "sp_gasparagusseed"

    1 Animated Decorative item
    itemname "sp_nixieradio"

    4 New Decorative
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    itemname : "sp_valvegold", "sp_valvered", "sp_valveblue", "sp_pressureind"

    beautiful green ambient glow for Gasparagus

    Added particle to Gasparagus
    Added some tooltip by Santeripe
    Correction on Recipes and Prices

    Added Animated Crafting table for Steam Punk items available in Inventor's Table lv1
    "Steam Workshop"
    Added 1 Decorative item "Steampunk Desk"
    Added 1 Storage item "Steampunk Cabinet"
    Added 1 Light source item "Thermal Lamp"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Added 1 weapon crafting table "Steam Armory"
    Added 1 weapon with expandable WEAPON TREE Upgrades
    the "Blunderbuss"

    The Tier 1 Blunderbuss

    The Tier 2 Alt 1 Blunderbuss "Big Blunder"

    The Tier 2 Alt 2 Blunderbuss "Copperbuss"

    The blueprint of tier 2 will be unlocked when you create the tier 1 weapon, and the same, after you create the tier 2 you will automatically unlock the blueprint for tier 3 and the alternatives,
    i only give 3 examples, discover yourself the excitement of Discovering and Upgrading yet unknown weapons!

    - Integrate all the stuffs into the Steam Workshop so it won't disturb your other vanilla, you could make the Steam workshop at the tier 1 Inventor's table
    - The Cooking Craftingtable "Steam Stove" and the Weapon Craftingtable "Steam Armory" is available in the Steam Workshop
    - Correcting some Recipes
    - Making the blueprints available when you're not using /admin command
    - Correcting some values for the prices
    - Some Tooltip/Description

    so, i bringing the main blunderbuss tree to tier 6 and tried to balanced the weapon with the help of people in the forum and tried to mess with some codes. especially DraikNova who helped me on beta testing and balancing configuration, so very much thank for you dude.

    this update include the Wellbot item/weapon Frame mod integrated into the mod with his approval, and i'm very proud to have it in this mod.

    for the tree, i won't be giving any detail, you can master it on your own.
    (but if you want me to give the current weapon tree just say ;D) there are officially 22 weapons in the blunderbuss weapon tree.

    Added New Type of Weapon : Flintlock and first 3 tree of it in the steamarmory. this weapon can be built around the start of your game to gun down puny foes!

    Thanks to :
    The | Suit - My mentor and inspiration who gave us the Book for Modding in Starbound
    Iroaseta - My mentor who helped to point out my mistakes and making things work like it should be
    Santeripe - A friend and a teacher, who helped me in every little details i can't in this mod
    Qtw - A friend that collaborates idea and art with me in this mod

    for making this happen :cookie::cookie:

    Some ingame Screenshot


    Compatibility :
    - Almost compatible with any other mods, because unique naming "sp_" in all the itemname and doesn't change any vanilla asset just adding (for the moment)
    - if used with Frackin Universe, the Apiary Crafting Station, FU Guide book and glowstick is craftable at Steam Workshop (lemme fix this sometime later)

    Future Implementations :
    - A Biome with new blocks, and resources to utilize the power of steampunk!
    - Steampunk Dungeon + all the steampunky monstrosity and cuteness
    - Unique Building blocks to rev up your crib
    - Armor sets of the steam dystopian series,
    - Costumes for your perfect Role
    - Collaboration With other Modders! a Unique Compilation!
    - More Tool, Weapon, and Stuffs!

    EDIT: Delete the older version first, then paste this mod, Thanks
    Accepting requests, suggestion, help, and art submission!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. FieryRuby75
    Version: v0.3.2(Beta)
    I instale this mod manly becose of the blunderbusses, they are fun to use and extremely wel done, al the rest loock's wel done too!!