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Steam Punk v0.3.2(Beta)

Steampunk Civilization with all the stuffs and glory!

  1. V 0.2.1

    First, sorry for the long wait T_T
    you know.. stuff

    so, i bringing the main blunderbuss tree to tier 6 and tried to balanced the weapon with the help of people in the forum and tried to mess with some codes. especially DraikNova who helped me on beta testing and balancing configuration, so very much thank for you dude.

    this update include the Wellbot item/weapon Frame mod integrated into the mod with his approval, and i'm very proud to have it in this mod.

    for the tree, i won't be giving any detail, you can master it on your own.
    (but if you want me to give the current weapon tree just say ;D) there are officially 22 weapons in the blunderbuss weapon tree and will keep growing until all the branch reaches it's root!

    May the engine beats in your chest!
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