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Steam Punk v0.3.2(Beta)

Steampunk Civilization with all the stuffs and glory!

  1. More Fix & Text

    Fix player cant make flintlock because it's not learned.
    Added some few text for description. i'm still figuring out how every races talks, plz wait for full commentary patch.
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  2. QuickFix v0.3.1

    fixing some lazy written codes and tiny little bugs.
  3. New Weapon Type & Adjustments to blunderbuss's recipe

    Added New Type of Weapon : Flintlock and first 3 tree of it in the steamarmory
    sorry for late addition if you're waiting, and sorry for not doing anything this past year, and thank you if you're trying this mod!
  4. V 0.2.1

    First, sorry for the long wait T_T
    you know.. stuff

    so, i bringing the main blunderbuss tree to tier 6 and tried to balanced the weapon with the help of people in the forum and tried to mess with some codes. especially DraikNova who helped me on beta testing and balancing configuration, so very much thank for you dude.

    this update include the Wellbot item/weapon Frame mod integrated into the mod with his approval, and i'm very proud to have it in this mod.

    for the tree, i won't be giving...
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  5. v0.2.0 (Beta)

    - Integrate all the stuffs into the Steam Workshop so it won't disturb your other vanilla, you could make the Steam workshop at the tier 1 Inventor's table
    - The Cooking Craftingtable "Steam Stove" and the Weapon Craftingtable "Steam Armory" is available in the Steam Workshop
    - Correcting some Recipes
    - Making the blueprints available when you're not using /admin command
    - Correcting some values for the prices
    - Some Tooltip/Description

    Added 1 weapon crafting table "Steam Armory"...
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  6. v.0.1.0 (Beta)

    Added particle to Gasparagus
    Added some tooltip by Santeripe
    Correction on Recipes and Prices

    Added Animated Crafting table for Steam Punk items available in Inventor's Table lv1
    "Steam Workshop"
    Added 1 Decorative item "Steampunk Desk"
    Added 1 Storage item "Steampunk Cabinet"
    Added 1 Light source item "Thermal Lamp"

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  7. 4 New Decorative and some minor change to the existing content

    4 New Decorative

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    itemname : "sp_valvegold", "sp_valvered", "sp_valveblue", "sp_pressureind"

    Changes :

    make the Steam Stove animation more slower, and a beautiful green ambient glow for Gasparagus

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  8. Ver 0.0.2 (alpha)

    1 Decorative item
    itemname "sp_nixieradio"
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