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Outdated Steambound Furious Koala

Fluid Transportation, Automated Machinery, Steam Energy

  1. TP_
    This mod currently adds a way to collect, transport and store liquids in a practical way

    1) Extract the downloaded .zip
    2) Copy the extracted folder into your Starbound/mods directory


    The main object of this mod
    They connect with each other and machines and can be used to transport liquids

    Stores up to 250l of a liquid (thats a lot)
    Blue = input
    Orange = output
    [​IMG] Filled with water
    [​IMG] Empty (or almost Empty)

    Interact with them (E) while not holding a wrench to get Infomation about its contents
    Interact while holding a wrench to instantly break it while keeping its contents
    WARNING: Breaking it with anything else will make it loose its contents!!

    Place it over a liquid and activate it using E (while not holding a wrench)
    It will output the liquid at the orange spot at the top.
    You do not need to place it directly above the liquid, pump pipes will go down until they find liquids.

    Will output any liquid from the system that is pumped into it.
    Activate it using E.

    It cleans acid and transforms it into clear water.
    Use it now as im planning to make it produce a waste product during the process (maybe nuclear waste that could be made into fuel rods?)

    The main Part of this mod is the Pipe Api which allows me (and others) to easily create new machines using pipes.

    All of the Items can either be crafted by hand or at an Anvil(or similar device)

    To-Do list:
    Purificator: acid->water
    Liquificator: Magmarock-> Lava, Slime->Acid, Ice -> Water
    Water+Lava in a Boiler->Steam
    ->Steam fuel cells (Ship fuel)
    Steam powered machines
    Different varieties of pipes (wired pipe,sorting pipe, etc.)

    Special Thanks:
    Skizot: For his amazing pump texture
    Team Pioneer: For support during development​
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed download link
  2. Hotfix for Furious Koala
  3. Purificator

Recent Reviews

  1. jayer31889
    Version: Furious Koala
    so ya, Great idea, seriously fantastic, aside from (like someone else mentioned) the pump sucking up water from nothing, it doesn't actually displace the water its sucking up, now this could be good and bad, since it would be a hastle to rerun water pipes all over the world to different water pools. but it did slow down my game dramatically while using it, I would also like to see different sized tanks, and an increase in water flow. Maybe on/off switches for the pipes as well? but I LOVE the concept, so keep up the good work!!!!
  2. chibibiscuit
    Version: Furious Koala
    This mod works great - the only thing that I would like to see in the future is some way to drain the water out of an area through a grate in the floor, or a drain. Currently it seems like the only way to clear a room of water is to use a pump.

    (Just for context - I'm building a sewer contraption where you activate a switch, it drains the water from the tunnel into the tank and then opens the door. Flipping the switch on the other side closes the door, then empties the water from the tank into the tunnel.)
  3. Cocatox
    Version: Furious Koala
    nice map thx for that
  4. uxlapogi
    Version: Furious Koala
    Works as described. I have to give it 3 stars because everytime you move through the grate exhaust of a pump the mod will crash all your clients on a server:

    Error: WorldServerThread exception caught: StarException: Unknown damage definition with kind silent.
    1. TP_
      Author's Response
      Will look into that
  5. rooboodude
    Version: Furious Koala
    Fluid movement is great, but not flawless. If you move the body of water away from a pump that is attached to a purifier and an aquifer of acid, it will continue to pump water from a nonexistent location. Rate of flow also leaves something to be desired, but this can be easily overcome through the use of multiple pumps. I expected the object that is placed on a wall to have no collision, much like the torches and computer terminals, and was surprised to find you can stand on top of the pump, as well as not be able to run through it. Instructions for the use of the items took about 15 minutes to figure out, and there appears to be some glitching out about the wrench. It has to be in your inventory, but not in your hand, to use any of the objects like the grate and pump. Overall, I like this mod a heck of a lot! Could use a bit of tweaking, but good job!
    1. TP_
      Author's Response
      All of the machines are explained on the front page as well as the usage of the Wrench
      I am not sure if I understood the glitch you described maybe you could explain it a little more in a PM (A picture would be great)
  6. WarStalkeR
    Version: Furious Koala
    Great! Just Great!
  7. CommanderWasp1x
    Version: Furious Koala
    Thank you :-)
  8. Dzony_B
    Version: Furious Koala
    Thanks man :3
  9. CommanderWasp1x
    Version: v. Furious Koala
    Can't download :-(
    1. TP_
  10. Dzony_B
    Version: v. Furious Koala
    Download link does not work :(
    1. TP_