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Outdated Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitar(s) 1.3

Guitar Feedback, Amplifiers, Robes and Fog. Travis Bean TB-1000S for Drone Doom Metal. sunn O)))

  1. Annuschka
    Build your own wall of sound with this Drone Doom Metal value pack!
    It does not only include a Travis Bean TB-1000S guitar with massive sustainfeedbackdistortion, but also all the other accessoires for a monolithic stage performance:

    • playable Travis Bean TB-1000S with custom recorded guitar sounds
    • Sunn Model T Amplifier
    • Sunn Model T Amplifier with red knobs
    • Sunn 412L speaker cab
    • Orange PPC412 speaker cab (Not to be confused with...)
    • Ampeg SVT-VR Amp
    • Ampeg SVT-810AV Bass Speakers
    • Fender Twin Reverb Silverface
    • Marshall Valvestate S80 8240
    • Another 4x12" speaker cab, that I don't know the name of and I am too lazy to research
    • Full set of plain, black, grim robes. The hood comes WITH BEARD! (for the males)
    • Fog machine to the right
    • Fog machine to the left (I tried, but did not find a way to mirror the fog particles)
    • recipe to craft the fridge...
    • SOMA hair is part of my AnTiHair mod (mhuman02)
    .abc Songs Included:
    • Smash hit single "Happy Dronesday to You"
    • "Clemendrone" (Clementine)... 'till I kissed her little sister...
    • A song about not love: "Drone on the Heath" (Heidenrößlein - Rose on the Heath)
    • "Greendrones" (Greensleeves), not recommended for Valentines Day either
    • "Sur le pont de Drone" (Sur le pont d'Avignon)... l'on y danse
      l'on y danse...

    All items can be crafted at the crafting table, the iron anvil or the spinning wheel and are available from the start. Should work with existing characters, too.

    Installation and Compatibility
    Download, open the pack, copy the folder "SunnStuff" into your "mods" folder. It should be compatible with everything. Nothing is overwritten, everything is prefixed, player.config is merged.

    A Word of Warning
    The sounds for the guitar are 15 seconds long.
    DO NOT PLAY FAST SONGS! Or the guitar sounds will layer and stack and punish your PC and beat it into submission. Nothing fatal, but everything slows down extremely... (Well, that's the point of drone/doom anyway) All songs included in the mod are save to play.

    It sounds best with .abc songs that are not faster than 20 (twenty) BPM and do not play many notes at once.

    Help needed
    If anyone knows how to transcribe music to .abc, I would be happy to include some 'real' drone classics. If anyone knows how I can use particles that change the direction according to the object direction, please contact me. And everyone else with suggestions, problems or requests, please contact me too.

    Credits / Thanks
    Guitar sounds where recorded and prepared by my boyfriend (it's not a real Travis Bean, however). He also fiddled around with the HappyDronesday.abc song.

    Mod Packs and so on
    The mod is pretty much done. You can use it for whatever you want. A redirect to this site would be nice. Also: I put a lot of effort into the pixel sprite graphics. If you want to use them for something else, please ask first.

    Maximum Volume yields Maximum Oooohhhhh ~(°o°~)))))

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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  1. kidthig
    Version: 1.3
    please re update this
  2. Kritik
    Version: 1.3
    Good, but how do I use?
  3. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: 1.3
    These really clutter up the crafting menu, could you add these as a Tabula Rasa category?

    Then I would be super happy.
  4. Demise
    Version: 1.2
    nice mod, going to try it out later
    music amps and studio equipment is on my list of stuff to make for the game, lol but this will keep me going untill i get around to making them :)