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Outdated Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitar(s) 1.3

Guitar Feedback, Amplifiers, Robes and Fog. Travis Bean TB-1000S for Drone Doom Metal. sunn O)))

  1. Songs

    I finally figured out how to make .abc files: Midi and converters and whatever don't work well, it's easier to just write the notation by hand. And since Valentines Day is coming I tried to include some love songs... but most of them are 'lost love' songs, I guess.

    • Rewritten "Happy Droneday to You" (Happy Birthday)
    • "Clemendrone" (Clementine)
    • "Drone on the Heath" (Heidenrößlein - Rose on the Heath)
    • "Greendrones" (Greensleeves)
    • "Sur le pont de Drone" (Sur le pont de...
  2. Rerecorded Guitar Sounds, Mooo)))re amps, speakers...

    We recorded the guitar sounds again, so they sound a bit better and are smaller... They are played now for 15 seconds. Be aware!

    And I was at a KTL concert a few days ago, so I made some of the gear that was used (well, I was too drunk to notice exactly what models where used, but google tried to help me).
    • Ampeg SVT-VR Amp
    • Ampeg SVT-810AR Cab
    • Fender Twin Reverb - We couldn't figure out if its silverface or blackface and all...
  3. Furious Koala Update

    Checked and updated the mod for Furious Koala.
    Everything seems to work fine...