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Super Starbound: Peach & Daisy! 1.1

More than just clothes! Explore the vast universe as Peach & Daisy, build, and play!

  1. AmazonValkyrie
    All of this honestly sprung from the addition of the parasol to Starbound many months ago. I crafted a custom one for Peach, and then set out to create a wardrobe for both her and Daisy, along with building tiles and objects (which are still a work in progress as there isn't everything here to build Peach's castle...just most things :p). I hope you enjoy it! I've had this content finished for months, just waiting to be updated to 1.0 so here goes!

    Wardrobe (All are dye-able!) & Building Materials!

    Princess Toadstool's gown

    Princess Peach - Super Smash Bros Melee

    Princess Peach - Modern Gown

    Princess Peach - Super Smash Bros Brawl

    Princess Daisy's Original Gown


    Princess Daisy's Modern Gown

    See a color combo ya like? Well there are several, intentional color sets that go together and harkon back to these character's roots:
    - White dye for Toadstool's Wigs + purple dye on Toadstool's gown creates Super Mario RPG Toadstool
    - Red dye (on most hair) + orange dye on most of Peach & Daisy's gowns call back to Toadstool's original sprite work in her debut in orange and white.
    - Most of Peach's gowns sport a Daisy color combo, so Daisy can feel at home wearing a similar model ;)
    - Daisy's classic yellow + white color combo makes an appearance on her modern gown as well!
    -Toadstool's gown with white dye and orange dyed wig create her color pattern from original artwork for the character in the 90s.

    If you can't figure out other color combos seen here, feel free to message me and I can give you the details!


    Daisy (Cause she could use a magic, matching parasol too :p)

    Marine Pop Submarine from 1988's Super Mario Land! It plays the song from the closing credits of the game. If anyone wants a tutorial to swap the song, let me know and I'll show you! (sold at Outpost from vehicle vendor for 6000 pixels.) Be sure to buy auto chips to repair it! Special thanks to @LoPhatKao for allowing me to modify and use his code to create the Marine Pop!

    Known Issues:

    - Projectile spawns too far from vehicle
    - Horn does not play proper Mario themed sound >_<

    Space + Down submerges
    Left/Right to move
    Space auto ascends
    Unintended control: Space + Up can make the vehicle airborne >_< This is unintended and will be tentatively fixed!

    Mushroom Materializer Crafting Station
    A special thanks to @L3W as well for the ideas for the crafting station!

    If you wish to support my creative abilities with mod work with donations of any kind, click the link below to view my Patreon page: AmazonValkyrie's Patreon


    View this mod on the Steam Workshop by clicking here!


    - This mod contains a file that patches the "rendering.config" file in the game. This file controls how dark the background is in rooms. This was altered because no matter what brightness I built the tiles and other building materials with, the game rendered them darker, and that doesn't fit the aesthetic of Peach's castle (mainly what the tiles were built created for). It doesn't affect much of the vanilla experience because it only slightly lightens the background tiles. Should you not wish to have this portion, feel free to open up the folder and delete the rendering.config.patch

    - The flowing hair/ponytail back items have a "nofalldamage" status effect tacked on. Why? Because there's no falling damage in Mario games. If anyone finds this game-breaking or what have you, I can instruct you on how to remove this feature.

    - Included are several versions of each head depending on what the player might prefer: Full wigs, full wigs with eyes, just the wig, just the crown, half-wigs. Half-wigs work with the flowing hair/flowing ponytail back items for each character. The Retro Princess hairstyle (another flowing hair back item) can be dyed to go with Daisy's look as well, and can be dyed Peach's modern yellow hair color. Most head wear and flowing hair can be dyed multiple colors, mainly changing the crown, but in some instances the hair as well.

    - All windows contained within this mod were setup as object files and can be found under "decorations" on the Mushroom Materializer. Apply glass to wall that you intend to place window on, and it will work and look beautiful! This was an easier approach compared to breaking the windows up into many, many tiles.

    - Some of the building materials are messily organized as far as descriptions go. I will alter these in the future, but I recommend using /admin if you want to build so that you can quickly build a lot.

    Future plans for this:
    -Updating Peach's float tech to 1.0 (created before 1.0)
    -A spawning Peach's Castle, with Toad village (using tiles based on SMRPG)
    -Peach's weaponry from SMRPG, and perhaps some custom ones for Daisy ^_^
    -*Familiar* monsters :p
    -A custom castle for Daisy (requires new tileset)
    -If I ever fully learn LUA, hopefully there will be more Mario features like warp pipes, etc ^_^
    -Rosalina's gown, which will probably be the most suggested feature lol

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Ranmaul
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    OH MY GOD! Best thing I have ever seen~ :D whooo
  2. Yoseiri
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    Such a great mod Im hype to the next update all of your mods are so good!!
  3. Megsoiluj
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    Haha, love it.
  4. markethana
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    beautiful&fun.reminds me of my childhood:)thank you!
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the rating and for playing! This mod echoes of my childhood as well, and I'm so glad it means a lot to someone else too ^_^
  5. Ooliv
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    Excellent work! I think a full tiered, pink ship with lovely decorations for the princesses (in all of us!) would be sooo awesome, but I'm conscious that's the hell of a hard job to do ! Thank you for this mod!
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      lol That really *does* sound nice ^_^ I'd at least like to make the furniture. Thank you for your rating! I'm so glad you enjoy it!
  6. L3W
    Version: Through the Warp Pipe
    Amazing job Val! I really love that mushroom materializer!
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Thanks, L3 ^_^ For always supporting my work! Also for brainstorming with me on designing the Materializer!