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Supper's Monster Additions 2018-11-19b

Many improvements to rando-monsters, including different stats and behaviors.

  1. Largesize

    This update changes quite a lot of things. Do not expect monsters from previous versions to fully work with this version.

    Long List Of Things:
    • Monsters are now randomized differently. Monsters spawned from npcs or dungeons will now be randomized as well. However, due to a bug, dungeon rando-monsters have exaggerated stats, do not panic if one seemingly takes no damage from a particular element.
    • Randomized monster names improved. They are no longer unreadable gibberish.
    • Chances of monsters spawning with ranged attacks or special attacks reduced. This is due to some other special attributes being added.
    • Monsters now deal variable touch damage, have variable damage multipliers and have variable health.
    • Some monsters have health regeneration or armor.
    • Some monsters apply status effects on attacks. Some other random attributes added.
    • Some monsters have dashes that don't deal damage.
    • Monsters have varying capture health fractions.
    • Ground monsters have a chance of having more than one normal ability.
    • 1 new normal ability added for ground monsters.
    • 1 new normal ability added for flying monsters.
    • Flying monsters have randomized normal abilities.
    • Some flying monsters go face like unmodded flyers.
    • Some ground monsters jump at targets above them.
    • Some monsters flee from hostile targets. This may happen always, when they are at high health, when they are at low health, when the target is close, or when the target is far away.
    • Ground monsters have differing melee attacks.
    • Adjusted a bunch of special abilities, especially those which are hard to avoid.
    • Garden monsters have a higher chance of being peaceful.
    • Some ground monsters leap or crawl instead of walking.
    • Different idle behaviors for monsters.
    • Large flying monsters are now faster.
    • Elemental resistances and weaknesses reworked.
    • Captured monster tooltip improvements. This includes a bunch of descriptions for them. Not too many, since in the end, they're only text.
    • Improved flying monster animations.
    • Randomized aggression levels. Some monsters spot you offscreen and others will only aggro if you get close.
    • New monster color combinations.
    • Rando-monsters have a chance of dropping special crafting materials.
    • Monsters have a small chance to be friendly towards the player or hostile to everything.
    • Monsters have a small chance of spawning in packs.
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