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Supper's Monster Additions 2018-11-19b

Many improvements to rando-monsters, including different stats and behaviors.

  1. FU bugfix

    If you do not use FU with this mod, then you don't need to get this update.
  2. 2017-11-18

    • Procedurally-generated names for procedurally-generated monsters.
    • More special attacks. The number now sits at 98.
    • Monsters only make hurt noises when they lose health.
    • Changes to existing special abilities, especially shields.
    • Fixed crash.
    • Fixed unresponsive bosses.
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  3. 2017-10-15

    • Two new special attacks for ground monsters. (Gravity Slam!)
    • Fixed procedurally-generated monsters not spawning underground.
  4. Update Title:

    • New special attacks added to monsters (Gust! Elemental cage! Living bomb!).
    • Elemental variants added for a few special attacks.
    • Some special attacks now stop when the monster is killed.
    • Small flying monsters now utilize both diving and swooping attacks.
    • Small monsters deal slightly less damage.
    • Fixed some space monsters being flipped.
    • Reduced...
  5. Sounds

    • Added support for AnTiMonster - Big Bag of Monsters.
    • Increased hurt sound timer to 1s from 0.5s
    • Tweaks to a few special attacks.
    • Fixed a bug causing some planets to only spawn with 2 ground monster types.
  6. honk

    • Hitbox size of some monsters widened.
    • Various tweaks to ranged attacks.
    • Fixed large flying monster patch not applying if mod is used together with FU.
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  7. FU fix

    This mod should load after FU now.
  8. Optimizations!

    • Monsters will now consume significantly less system resources when outside of combat.
    • Miniboss spawn rate significantly reduced.
  9. Fixes

    • All minibosses are now immune to lava and are persistent.
    • Fixed a crash related to minibosses.
  10. Addition of Minibosses Among Others

    • Minibosses added. Rare monsters with extra damage and health.
    • Many new special attacks added, chance for monsters to have special attacks decreased.
    • Many new ranged attacks added. This will cause existing monsters to use other ranged attacks.
    • Improved reactivity of monsters. Monsters can now properly shoot rapid streams of projectiles. Damage of some attacks reduced to compensate....