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Sword Art Online UI v0.9.9a (SB v1.2.1)

A lighter, slightly reminiscent UI from Sword Art Online!

  1. Singkun
    Version: v0.9.9a (SB v1.2.1)
    UI is great BUT the party members HP and Energy Bar is not working as intended. It is moving upwards for the party members.
  2. Charlatan
    Version: v0.9.9a (SB v1.2.1)
    Isn't that strange pretty lady a bit too crystalline? Oh wait... it's inf_wolf himself posting... nvm me. Nice work anyway !
    1. Inf_Wolf14
      Author's Response
      Shh... Just ignore the shameless plug... It's totally harmless. ;)
  3. EricD112
    Version: v0.9.9a (SB v1.2.1)
    This looks beautiful. I've always loved the UI in SAO. :)