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Techs 2.0 1.56 fix

Upgrade your techs to 2.0 today!

  1. greenRAM
    Techs 2.0
    -22 new techs and counting! Upgrade your techs and save big today!
    +Better Dash controls for in-mod techs! Use either "double tap forward" or "up + direction" to dash! (Thanks to Darkblader24!)

    WARNING! Now REQUIRES either:
    bk3k's Tech Helper: Mainly, enables new features to upgrade your techs in the tech console.


    bk3k's More Powerful Techs: Includes the Tech Helper features, but also a handful of really powerful, interesting techs!


    Dash 2.0
    : +duration
    Air Dash 2.0: +duration.
    Blink Dash 2.0: +distance.
    Sprint 2.0: +speed.
    Jog 2.0: Less speed than sprint. No energy cost.

    Aqua Sphere 2.0
    : general improvements. Added bounce.
    Distortion Sphere 2.0: general improvements. Added bounce.
    Sonic Sphere 2.0: general improvements. Almost instant charging upon activation. No initial energy cost. Added bounce.
    Sonic Sphere 3.0: An EXPERIMENTAL version of the Sonic Sphere 2.0. Beware of fall damage.
    Spike Sphere 2.0: EXPERIMENTAL Much faster, but much less sticky.

    Pulse Jump 2.0: +1 additional pulse jump.
    Multi Jump 2.0: replaced with 3 full pulse jumps.
    Multi Hops: Unlimited very small hops. Nearly no lift.
    Wall Jump 2.0: replaced with a "sticky wall" grab. (Sticking now refreshes your pulse jump)
    Rocket Jump 2.0: General improvements.
    Sticky: Stick to walls and fire! Push S to slide.
    Hover: Press W to float around. Costs energy.
    Energy Jump: Pulse jumps that cost energy!
    Energy Jump 2.0: An Energy Jump that costs less energy.
    Wall Multi Jump 2.0: Sticky Wall with Three Pulse Jumps.
    Wall Multi Hops: Sticky Wall with unlimited small hops.
    Super Jump 2.0: A single insanely high Pulse Jump. Be careful of fall damage!
    Energy Jump + Hover: A combination of the Energy Jump and the Hover techs.
    Wall Super Multi Jump 3.0: Sticky + Super Jump + Multi Jump. +5x power! +2 Jumps. Beware of fall damage.

    Typically 8 additional Tech Cards with some exceptions. The three core techs you get for free in the vanilla game can be upgraded for a large discount. Expect higher prices the more advanced the upgrade becomes.

    Typically, each upgraded version of the tech is unlocked after the previous tech is purchased. After a purchase of a tech, that tech will be unlocked for the other two slots.

    Thanks to:
    -Darkblader24's Better Dash (no more double tap) mod! (for improving the dash controls): Use up and the direction key as an alternative to the double tap to sprint and dash for the new techs.
    -bk3ks for the coding additions based from the bk3ks Techs mod and for the Bk3ks Tech Helper modder support.
    -themrpiggy22's Aqua Sphere Water Jump edit.


    -Zerotap Dash For Techs 2.0 by The Avelon. An addon that allows you to configure the activation key for your new techs!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.56 fix
  2. V1.56
  3. v1.55 fix fix

Recent Reviews

  1. jonathansie
    Version: 1.56
    esto es una basura el juego se me crashea cuando habro la mesa de techs >:(
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Sorry that it's crap. I would suggest posting your log in the Discussion area. That way, I can fix it if it's broken, or you can find out what went wrong if something's wrong on your end.
  2. spacehamster15
    Version: 1.56
    Its was very good and funny, but the goddamn aqua sphere crashed my game and deleted my character, 4 stars bc my character didnt deleted at all
    Happiness and sadness on only 5 min :0
  3. The Avelon
    The Avelon
    Version: 1.55 fix fix
    This was my first Tech mod after FoM, originally just for Air Dash 2.0, but I found Jog 2.0 extremely useful for exploration of surfaces. I keep it installed still and am currently having tons of fun with the 2.0 Air Dash alongside some of my own edits. Highly recommended both for use and as a learning tool for how to make tech mods.
  4. calvinklein112
    Version: 1.55 fix fix
    Great mod , Thx !
  5. Over Gaming
    Over Gaming
    Version: 1.52
    Super mOD!!!!!
  6. NullVoid01
    Version: 1.52
    why no reviews? lemme give 5/5 cuz

    1/5 Great mod.
    2/5 Easy to use.
    3/5 Owner responds quickly.
    4/5 Suggestion is implemented.
    5/5 Profit :)