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Techs and Stuff 1

Boost, warp, split, and run.

  1. Taffy Charamile
    So this is the first mod I've ever published.

    Some new techs and improvements on existing ones.

    There's Cave Story's Booster 2.0 (and the 0.8 if you want it), a tech that splits you in half, an improved blink dash that can go in any cardinal direction, and a sprint that leaves a fire trail.

    this mod is a mix of some new stuff and some simple edits

    I couldn't figure out how to get Mirror Body's stuff to flip but not rotate, so the particles may look a bit weird...
    And the Booster 2.0 takes energy instead of a timer. So you could fly for long periods of time and the tech may be OP...
    Also be careful of fall damage... you could kill yourself pretty quickly with this.

    there're no missions or anything to unlock them so you'll have to unlock them manually

    /maketechavailable booster2
    /maketechavailable booster08
    /maketechavailable warpdash
    /maketechavailable skate

    fork over those tech cards boi you're gonna work for those techs

    I have no clue what else to put here.


    Expect a LOT more from me soon, I have lots of stuff like this just sitting around 'cause I could never work up the guts to publish it. Needs polishing, but there is a LOT of stuff.

    edit: oops looks like the booster 0.8 can be used during mirror body. I'll fix that later
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    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. BoundOffStars
    Version: 1
    Impressive techs! I'd love to learn how to split, since I don't know which command that is. Otherwise, I like them!