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Terramine's Reshade Settings 2016-10-05

This is my settings for using Reshade with Starbound. Hardly affects performence at all.

  1. MasterChaos
    I saw someone else uploading their reshade stuff. But thought their effects were resource demanding. The same thing can be achieved with lighter weight affects which is what I did. Luma Sharpen shader is superior to Adaptive Sharpen in this case IMO.

    Anyways look at the screenshots to see what I mean. This qualifies as a "GFX" mod.

    starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-23.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-26.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-41.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-44.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-50.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-39-52.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-40-17.png starbound 2016-10-05 20-40-19.png
    [Random Sidenote: That barn was little on my starting planet right by my spawn point. The middle section you see, and the basement with boxes which you can't really see here but it's directly below the middle section and is the same width.

    There was a human farmer living there. So I killed him and took it. I'm playing as a more evil aligned character who just aims to dominate the galaxy. Of course this was a good start. Because my first fort is basically a farm which I can keep growing in size and productivity.

    It's in casual mode tho. I usually play survival but I thought I might get more done with hunger not being something to worry about.]


    -Darker nights and shadows. Particularly if you have FrackinUniverse as it already darkens both those. Torches are still a significant light source but if you don't have some form of light it's going to be significantly dark. Haven't tested particularly dark planet types.

    -More colorful. The game IS brightened up and more saturated to give the game a more fantasy feel.


    The people who made reshade for their awesome work. To think such a simple and elegant tool would be virtually like a high tuning graphics option menu extender. Cause that's basically what it is. It gives you an external interface for turning on and off, different graphics effects. Ones not native to the vanilla game. Basically hacking and modding the graphics shader system.
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