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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.5.2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. Random_NPC1996
    This is actually a mod that's still in progress... basically, all the ideas all comes from the original game "Team Fortress 2". Sprites are immitated from it as well, most of it.

    This mod currently has 15 weapons for you (and for myself as well):
    The Blutsauger
    The Crusader's Crossbow
    Rocket Launcher (Soldier's Stock Rocket Launcher)

    Flare Gun
    The Detonator (another flare gun)

    Scorch Shot (also another kind of flare gun)
    Sticky Bomb Launcher (Stock)
    Sniper Rifle (Stock)
    Minigun (Stock)

    Sydney Sleeper

    Black Box


    This is actually a 'modified' syringe gun... although pretty weak in most cases and can deplete your energy pretty quick, 'bout 20 to 30 shots
    (low dps but high firerate), but has an ability to lifesteal your target (sort of).
    As long as you hit your target... you get healed... Cool? Good

    "Does that sting? Sorrrrrrry..." -Medic

    The Crusader's Crossbow:

    This is a crossbow. Damages your enemy hard at near range, even harder at longer range (longer travel distance = higher damage), at the mean time, it heals friendly targets at 10% of their health (I rather removed the longer travel = more heal cause it seems kinda over-power and... I still don't know how to do it). By friendly target means (tested on before) village npcs, yourself (if you can hit that thing at you...), and crew members. (Shooting a passive monster will get you into a fight as they are not actually considered friendly)

    "The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting..." -Medic

    The Rocket Launcher:

    The basic rocket launcher combined with soldier's skilled and deadly rocket-jumping skill, not to be confused with the tech "rocket jump", this one you stick the gun into any terrain, and you'll be flying at the opposite direction when you activate alt-ability, just make sure you know where you're going cause you can hit the ground too hard, "make friends" with the enemy, or fall into a lava pit. I don't know...
    Any non-platform surface will do... even vertical walls

    *might require some skills to do awesome stunts with this weapon

    Flare Gun:

    A basic flare gun. Sets target on fire on hit. Deal additional damage to targets that are on fire or burning.

    The Detonator:

    No it's not a tool... no a common "detonator" that you're thinking... It's a modified flare gun that can be detonated manually (Alt-Fire). Also does additional damages to burning targets. (FYI: there is a little tiny bug about it I know...)

    Scorch Shot:

    Not having enough? Then the Scorch Shot is your type of flare gun... Not only it sets your target on fire and deals additional damages to burning targets, it will bounce off targets that you hit and explode the second it hits the ground which basically does the same thing as well with the flare gun projectile does... burn more and hurts more...


    Hates someone or something? Throw this at them and shoot them! I think you should find out what it is yourself, because it is a really gross thing... seriously though. Anyway, this will apply jarate effect on enemies it hits (area of effect), which will result in all damages it takes to be "mini-crit", or call it additional damage if you will. Also it puts out fires burning on your teammates... or anything friendly which is on fire...

    Sticky Bomb Launcher:

    A sticky bomb launcher that can launch out 8 sticky bombs that is remotely triggered. Will never explode on its own unless triggered by owner or the 9th is shot. Sticks to any kind of surface except entities and platforms.

    "Ka...BOOOOOOOOOOM" -Demoman while showing a smiley sticked onto a questionable part of his body.

    Sniper Rifle:

    A sniper rifle that the sniper called a gun. Can be charged to deal more damage or shot without one, both results in the same amount of cooldown before the 2nd shot. Charged shot eats more energy... but who cares? As long as more damage is done... anyone would like to get it chraged up. Note that there is a max charge and once the charge reached its maximum, the weapon will eat up less amount of energy to "hold your fire/breathe".

    "Thanks for standing still" -Sniper waving his hand


    The stock minigun needs some a very short time to spin up, and requires a speed to keep shooting, you can maintain speed by (1)Keep firing with primary or (2)Maintain speed without fire with secondary. Both consumes the same amount of energy.


    Pretty identical to it's counterpart Stock Minigun, except for the part that it slows enemies it hits for a short while, but deals a little less damage compared to the Stock Minigun.


    Also identical to Stock Minigun, but it almost wind up instant (takes very very little time to be precise), and much more accurate and quiet too. The downside? It shoots slightly slower than the Stock Minigun, but each shot has the same damage.

    Sydney Sleeper:

    Imagine every shot you made applies jarate(and nearby teammates as well... ew... as jarate is actually piss) to your enemy... Wait... don't do that... don't imagine, but do apply jarate to your enemy, cuaase it is here! Applies jarate to your enemies (tiny explosion), but deals slightly less damage compared to the Stock Sniper Rifle.


    A legend approaches! It might feel the same compared to the regular Stock Sniper Rifle, But when fully charged, bullets penetrates and also deals 15% more damage to everyone hit. But don't get too cocky, it fires tracer rounds.Which pretty means anyone who is smart enough will definitely notice where that shot came from...

    Black Box:

    The legend's choice! Able to rocket jump(alt-fire) as well... but what makes it different from the Stock Rocket Launcher? Answer: it heals the user for every successful hit on the enemy...
    Downside? Answer: Eats more energy than the Stock Rocket Launcher...

    All weapons are craftable from anvil level 1, in the weapon section. (But does not mean you can craft at low level cause of the crafting items required, ex: Scorched Core)

    Side Note:
    "Thanks for the help mate" -from me to @bk3k (helped me in some scripting problems so yeah you know what I mean...)

    Pretty much my first upload... just if anything is inappropriate... please do tell me, I'm not someone who knows a lot about law and copyrights, just tell me something and suggest a appropriate action.

    Feedbacks and Ratings are much Appreciated =D

    If you like this and want to add it to your collection/compilation/mod, please kindly ask me, I accept it at most time as long as crediting is done (unless you're here for no good). Plus, I don't bite... even if I do... I can't as well...

    Oh and I'm willing to join someone in modding (you tell me what it is and it might do for me) so if you're cooking up something and need a hand... come... do message me I'll try to message back if I can.

    (p/s: The Blutsauger may cause a lot of lag cause of the projectile you can shoot out in a short period of time...)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. OtakuPhantom
    Version: 1.5.2
    it's good
  2. Ilovememes
    Version: 1.4
    Very good mod, sound effects and textures 10/10
    1. Random_NPC1996
      Author's Response
      Thanks... appreciate the feedback... Took me not so few times to get it done... but thanks a lot