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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.5.2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. Minor Error Fixes

    Sound fix for stock rocket launcher... nothing much
  2. Guess I messed up a little... so here's a patch...

    Question: What happened?
    Answer: I kinda did not run through the weapon testing well enough. If you guys did notice, the miniguns, all 3 of 'em had very tiny baby damage... which is pretty not nice of me to make tiny baby guns available without proper amount of testing...


    Problem 1: Minigun too little damage (Sniper Rifles as well)
    Solution: Buffed all minigun damage higher... (Sniper Rifles too)

    Problem 2: Rocket...
  3. The Deadly Update

    Note before starting:
    By 'Deadly' I don't mean me being/was dead... I ain't... well I guess... right?
    Anyway, guess what? I'm back! (Although I did not even went anywhere else, I was just pure lazy... yep... real lazy...)

    For this update, I proudly present you guys 6 new weapons. Yes, not a joke......
  4. More Guns, Changed some sounds, and little removal of some little error making,unnecessary files

    So... NEW GUNS! Finally I just got over with some little laziness in me so yeah.. new guns added in: The Stock Sniper Rifle and Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher


    The sticky bomb launcher might look just like a reskin to the remote grenade launcher, but it's a little different. Which the bomb will never explode on...
  5. Adjustment to flaregun prices and 1 new weapon! (sorta... it that a weapon?)

    New "weapon": Introducing the Jarate, the Jar-Based Karate !

    So... what is inside it? Uh.... don't ask... you won't want to know what it is actually is... seriously though. Though if you have someone you hate... throw this at them :rofl:

    Main use: Apply jarate effects on enemies... which will result in every damage it takes to be "mini-crits", or additional damage if you will... (+75%...
  6. 3 new WEAPONS! (and a little bit of changes to the old stuff)

    Adds 3 new pyro's flareguns in... they all have one thing in common... if your target is on fire, it hurts more! (Might still be a little unbalanced... so you tell me?)

    They're all craftable with an anvil (level 1) on the weapons section.

    And about the little bit of changes... added some knockback to the stock rocket launcher and changed it to display descriptions instead...
  7. Addded recipes, changed a little bit of sprites and NEW WEAPON!

    Added recipes and changed sprites/weapon appearance to the pre-existing ones and the new comer: Soldier's Default Stock Rocket Launcher!


    Primary: It's a rocket launcher so what did you expect? shoots rockets of course

    Secondary: Rocket Jump - Not to be confused with the tech rocket jump... stick this weapon's face into any terrain (no platforms) and activate alternate ability and get yourself flying at the opposite...