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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. The Steam Pistol + Changes

    After a painful day of testing and reconfiguring steam technology I final got a stable steam-powered pistol. This should now be sold in our partner's store: The Penguin Bay. [​IMG]

    I also made some tweaks to the blueprint of the steam rifle.
    The piercing bullet should now ignite enemies since I added a sort of gas to the projectiles.

    Our weapon preview cards have also been updated allowing you to see where our weapons came from.... er the Black Market...

    Out of character

    -added steam pistol
    - added fire elemental effect to steam rifle
    - added black market weapon category for weapons
    - made it where steam weaponry since it is tier 5, is unlocked after the avian story mission.

    is you want to cheat and spawn these items, the code is as following...

    /spawnitem steamrifle
    /spawnitem steampistol

    -Until Next Time
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