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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. Small fix for balance

    Just a small fix to help with balance.
  2. Hot Fix

    Changes starter quest for the mod to be possible to allow natural progress suggested by two users.
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  3. Huge update in celebration of V 3.0

    Hello, there is too much content to talk about in character so I will just give you a change log :p

    Added damage kind image for The Swarmer gun.
    All user requested weapons now have special name colour depending on it's colour scheme.
    Changed cost label in the console to tier so that it is more vanilla and makes since.
    Removed body guard npc due to some errors
    New helmet E.V.A helmet
    New chest piece E.V.A suit
    New leggings E.V.A pants
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  4. Weaposn and fixez

    Hello console users, today I have a couple of weapons that have been created, tested, and is now ready for use.

    I already advertised one of them, The Swarmer is a bit different in technology but is very fun to use.

    Next up is the "Doom Poker".... Seriously??? What are you people requesting today? I had to literally walk up to my office and hand them the order so my team didn't think I was joking......
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  5. Decent update

    No in character speaking this time...

    Anyways I was recently told that if you are progress farther into the game you cannot activate the black market correctly.

    This should not be fixed.

    I was told that sky splitter was too boring for someone's taste I redid the sprites color and added a custom bullet and effect.

    I fix the fire positioning of skysplitter

    I added two new quests for the black market

    Black market bandits
    Black market supplies

    I added an explosive stock token...
  6. Sprites changes

    Hello all, today we have a few small changes within our console and our products.

    Recently I have noticed with our bounty station the logo/iconic image was an ugly orange arrow. I have redid the iconic image and replaced it with a loveable penguin.

    More things I noticed while using the station I saw that the interface buttons made no sense. Extract? extract what?, your hopes and dreams of getting a reward? I have...
  7. User weapon batch.

    Hello console users...

    I'm back again with the completed copies of a few requested weapons. They were all tested in every way possible. A person or two may have died in the making of these weapons...

    The new weapons are as follows..................................................

    My Little Friend: [​IMG]

    A LMG based off of a...
  8. Small update, been a long while

    Hello console users, It's been a while since you heard anything from us...

    Due to our base being compromised we had to move to a different location. We figured since we think we are safe for now that we will update your console with a pair of older recovered make shift weapons. Updates will still likely be slow to avoid detection.

    I have designed and constructed two weapons....
  9. Sorta Overhaul

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I did this in character but it didn't save which really made me mad!

    Anyways I'll just do it quick.

    Added a couple new weapons...

    Train gun Mk 1-3


    Epyslon something like that

    the honest man

    chimeras breath

    I think maybe more idk if your weapons not here please re-request it because of it being buried in messages in the discussion page.

    I added bounty hunting which is a bit sketchy at the moment which I will be working on in the next...
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  10. Largeish console update + new items.

    Hello console users, Today we added and fixed some things.

    As always we will start off with what's been added...

    New weapon

    Boomstick Boogaloo- explosive napalm lever action sawed off one handed shotgun.

    Added flarewisp- already created, forgotten to add it.

    New station- FTL Fuel Extractor... Allows natural matter blocks such as dirt to be...
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