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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. Fixes, new things.

    Hello users and people alike, today we took the liberty to fix things and even add a user request weapon and a down graded version of a tier weapon for low tier users.

    To start off, new items!

    Firewisp- version of firesprite

    AnnihilatorX-72- a new railgun that was requested. While we were testing this item Bill accidentally shot Fred in the foot. When we...
  2. Major balancing overhaul

    Our of character speaking this time...

    Well, recently I had one of you users complain about the balancing of the mod saying that the weapon were to cheap and what not. So I took 2 hours to make a pricing plan for balance and even redid all the weapon prices the system I came up with looked like this...

    (Tier#*Power/Rof/5)<--- (No order of operations)...
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  3. Hot Fix

    Hello everyone, so when I last updated this in 1 in the mourning I have forgotten things. To start off, about four things were not showing up in the shop fixed that, also fixed the leg color for the xeno armor.

    Also at the moment I do know some prices are a bit ridiculous so I will fix those. Terribly sorry for anyone who was unhappy :(
  4. Large update, many fixes almost an overhaul.

    It's been awhile... Out of speaking time...

    While I wasn't taking requests I was doing a overhaul on the mod. To start out we added two new armor sets. We also added quite a few weapons that were requested.

    Requested completed weapons...

    The Executioner

    Death Bringer.

    [COLOR=rgb(128, 128,...
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  5. Console Fixes

    Hello console users, Tonight we worked up a little fix and finished an order for a weapon.

    We finished an order called "Felechette".

    We also fixed the holding directions for the fire sprite custom gun. That way the scope isn't being shoved in your eye on the directions.

    Finally we fixed a console glitch that didn't allow the Mobius pistol to be available. It should now be there.

    As always...
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  6. Major Improments.

    Hello users of the black market, Today we have been hard at work in making sure everything you do associated with us is at best.

    To start off, as mentioned on the main page, Our head art designer "eLe" has done an exceptional job in recreating the "Enforcer's Armor" to look like less crap in general. Also the material used in the enforcer armor is a higher element level then before. However with every improvement...
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  7. Mobius Armor/ fixes

    After some time pondering on some ideas me, the head of the black market industries has decided to create something amazing...

    I'm sure most of the users remember the awesome rifle Mobius? Well, most probably remember it but couldn't afford it... Ehem anyways since I loved how awesome the gun was in general me and the design team have created a new type of armor based off of the Mobius rifle.

    The armor doesn't...
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  8. wrong mod uploaded.

    Wrong mod fixed it sorry.
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  9. Finish most user orders.

    Hello users, today we have finished most of the orders from you users.
    While we have finished a lot of orders, there are a few who haven't gotten their order done yet. Don't worry, because here at the black market we try to make everyone happy- As long as they pay for it and it meets standards...

    I believe we also made price and item adjustments to better suit the system.

    Here are some user added weapons....
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  10. The mobius rifle!

    Hello, users of the black market, we have added a new awesome rifle. You can read more about it on our main page. Thank you.