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The Essential Jetpack Mod 1.1.0

Fly like a bird! Then hit a wall

  1. SuperSonic Thunder - velocity fix for teleshield

    This is a minor fix for the teleshield item that for some silly reason in certain circumstances would send entities flying at tremendously high speeds. The gravity zone force properties has been adjusted and the weapon burst fires two more projectiles to make a better looking and more efficient wall.

    Not an essential fix but good to balance this out since I just discovered it.
  2. SuperSonic Thunder 1.0.9

    I made a few mistakes in the last update.

    This is a patch that fixes a few issues relating to energy usage. Also managed to perfect the T3 Jetpack in Zero Gravity movement - Finally! Don't know what the hell I was thinking with the jump combos before!

    Some people have been requesting the return of the teleportation item I had. I also added a successor to the personal teleporter - The Teleshield (or Gravity Device in game). This is essentially a weapon that fires a cluster of projectiles...
  3. SonicThunder Update

    Hey everybody, an exciting and likely final update for this mod as all the intended content is now included. Many months of experimentation has resulted in the SonicThunder update.

    This update reworks the sprites and functionality of weapons, armour and Jetpacks, simplifies the crafting recipes, eliminates the need for a Jetpack controller (a previous item which was responsible for producing thrust while wearing a jetpack), and lastly redefines each Jetpack to an intended role.

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  4. Avionics Update

    Added a whole bunch of stuff including crafting materials, crafting station, ambient sound effects, custom weapons with movement abilities and armour. Majority of the bog fixes have been resolved and hipefully any further updates will focus on gameplay improvement and balance. Enjoy!
  5. Status immunity fixes

    The jetpacks which provide the gravity effects were not protecting the users. fiddling around a bit and managed to get them to work. Also did a few more audio changes. Hopefully this is majority of the bug fixes out and done. rest is just balance issues
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