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The Game Hunter: Mounted Monsters v1.52 (p1.2)

Use the Game Rifles to bag place-able stuffed versions of your foes.

  1. Palette Swap Fix

    Fixed an issue with palette swaps not being properly applied to the stuffed versions of generated monsters.
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  2. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.
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  3. Update Fix

    Just fixes
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  4. 1.0 Update

    Updated for release. The custom animation posing has been disabled, since that requires a lot of manual data input to mesh with the new monster assets, and I'm not looking forward to that at all.
  5. Smoglin fix

    Fix for placed Smoglins.
  6. Petricub Fix

    Fix for crashes with placed Petricubs.
  7. Pteropod Fix

    Fixes an issue with stuffed Pteropods. Any broken worlds should work.
  8. Glad Giraffe

    This update overhauled monster animations, so expect the poses of all your captured monsters to reset. There are also a few removed creatures, the stuffed versions should self destruct.

    I had to manually enter a bunch of things, keep an eye out for missing animation frames and drop them in the discussion.
  9. Critters and Miniature Stuffed Monsters

    Adds the Game Pistol, a one-handed version of the Game Rifle. When used to mark and kill a monster, you will now get a miniature stuffed monster (35% of original size).

    Critters now have their own, smaller object, when killed with either weapon.
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  10. Pleased Giraffe and NPCs

    Fixed up for the new stable.

    Now supports mounting of NPCs! Since this can't happen if they get one-shot, now there is only one Game Rifle, which does no damage. You have to mark a target and finish them off with your other weapons.
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