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the Kazdra version 0.3.2

Dragons! All custom! All the time!

  1. (Late) Halloween mini-update/fix

    Please let me know of any problems you encounter with this mod in the discussion or private message me about them.

    First off- this is mostly just to get the mod working again. It adds a couple of things that you will find in your ship locker 3 of which will be removed from the starting loot pool after the next update.

    This update makes the mod usable again, and introduces one of my new weapon types for testing and feedback....
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  2. 1.2.0 fix

    nothing spectacular in this update, mainly just makes the mod 1.2.0 compatible.

    other things it does:
    - fixed a few more of the weapons
    - SHOULD have fixed the bug with kazdra tier 4 armor
    - test towns should show up now

    I'll try get more done with what time I have left before spring semester. xwx

    please let me know if you find any bugs in the discussion, it'll help me improve the mod faster! =P

  3. 1.1.1 compatable

    I'm still fixing the town, but everything else should be in working order.
    *Tier 4 armor is (finally) here as well as a new vanity set.
    *new weapons are in the works.
    *The kazdra now have a ship pet! Staloa - large, vespertine creatures that mainly feed on the giant insects that dwell in the natural caverns and infest mining tunnels on the kazdra homeworld. native populations tend to nest around dense stalactite and stalagmite clusters, and can...
  4. Glad Giraffe & town test

    Now (hopefully) fully compatible with Glad Giraffes everywhere! =P Thanks so much for being patient with me... |P


    Fixed the armors, NPCs, and sending out this also as a test to see if the prototype towns spawn in for everyone. So please let me know if you find 1 in your travels!...
  5. a little clean up

    I just remembered a loose end that might cause compatibility errors with other mods. lt should be good to go now. xwx

    Please let me know in the discussion if you encounter an error so I can see what's up and attempt to fix it.
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  6. Pleased Giraffe fix

    It SHOULD be working fine now. if it breaks during play, please let me know in the discussion.

    There isn't much new stuff in this update, but I did add a prototype needler type weapon to the starting loot. I'll keep working to bring you an update with more fun stuff soon. xD

    thanks for your patience. :D
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  7. Fixed the tiles again...

    fixed the tiles that chuckle fish broke.
  8. Fixed that thing with the armor.

    yup, I'd not seen that they added triggerkeys to some of the armor. but I added them and fixed the tech screen as well. xP
  9. Tile fix for Print & Pack

    ok so if you built anything with my mats what ever planet or ship they are on will crash your game if you don't remove them before you update.

    other than that, if you didn't read this before you updated, then you may have to delete your old universe. or switch the ID of the tiles that are causing the error back to the 10000 number from the 20000 number I moved them to, to access the areas with the mats and remove them. REMEMBER TO TRASH THE BLOCKS, DON'T LEAVE THEM IN...
  10. Upbeat Giraffe

    It should be working now. I got through 9 tiers of all the standard weapons and 1 armor. 2 new hairstyles and spines were donated by a friend. I'll be adding some lore here in a little as well. the town is still broken though. D:
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