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The Moogles of Ivalice α-1.2

The adorable little furballs from Final Fantasy are here!

  1. Weapons+

    • Ultima Weapons now do Electric damage, and show the appropriate icon.
      • The new Ultima Weapon model no longer has the Solus Katana's lightning-fast combos, but retains the slightly lower cooldown.
    • Bioblaster (like the one Edgar uses in FF6) added.
      • Works similarly to the Flamethrower, but does Poison damage, and is level 5 by default.
      • It is also upgradable at the Ancient Forge like most unique weapons.
    Existing non-moogle characters that have the crafting guide only need to drop and pick it back up to be able to craft the Bioblaster. Moogles should have it automatically added to the Accelerator's Table on login.
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