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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. ZimaZang

    The Nebulites are a race of ancients. They were the creators and destroyers thousands of years ago which forged the stars. One day, they witnessed an event which wasn't supposed to happen, the creation of an irregularity; the Novakids. Fascinated by this, they attempted to recreate the event, but instead they created monsters. War broke out and raged on for centuries, slaughtering many of the Nebulites. Now, what remains of the nebulites are scattered amongst the stars, preparing to fight that menace once more.

    Almost nobody remembers the Nebulites, as millenia have passed since that war. However the Florans, as primitive as they may seem, still have knowledge of their existence (Although other races tend to dismiss it as nonsense.)


    To use Nebulites (or any race mod for that matter), you need to install an extended race menu. Here's a few to choose from:
    After you've chosen the menu you want, go to your Starbound directory and go to the folder labeled mods. Once there, put both the menu mod and Nebulites mod into this folder and you're done! (Make sure you don't put the .ZIP file in there. There's a .pak file inside the .ZIP)

    If you play Starbound via Steam, you can access your Starbound root folder by right clicking Starbound in your steam library, choosing properties and going to the local files tab, then by selecting "browse local files..."

    • You cannot change the color of their eyes. Fixed in version 2.1!
    • Arm is offset while holding staff. (Might just be a game bug.) Fixed in version 3.0!


    • Starter Staff - nebulitestarterstaff
    • Tier 1 Staff - nebulitetier1staff
    • Tier 2 Staff - nebulitetier2staff
    • Tier 3 Staff - nebulitetier3staff
    • Tier 4 Staff - nebulitetier4staff
    • Tier 5 Staff - nebulitetier5staff
    • Tier 6 Staff - nebulitetier6staff
    • Luna - nebulitestaffluna
    • Sol - nebulitestaffsol
    • Luna & Sol - nebulitestafflunasol
    • Terraforming Rod - nebulitestaffminer
    • Tekcor Stick - nebulitestaffrocket
    • Helix staff - nebulitestaffhelix (UNUSED/BROKEN)
    • Mediator Staff - nebulitestaffmediator (NPC ONLY. BROKEN OVERPOWERED)
    • Staff of the Sentinel - nebulitestaffsentinel
    • Random-Generated Common Staff - commonquarterstaff
    • Random-Generated Uncommon Staff - uncommonquarterstaff
    • Random-Generated Rare Staff - rarequarterstaff
    • Ancient Rifle - nebulitestarter
    • Nebulite Blaster Rifle - nebulitetier1gun
    • Nebulite Activist Rifle - nebulitetier2gun
    • Nebulite Suppressor Rifle - nebulitetier3gun
    • Nebulite Aggressor Rifle - nebulitetier4gun
    • Anarchy - nebulitestaffraidboss1
    • Lightbane - lightbane
    • Luminous - nebulitestaffluminous
    • Insidia Crystal - insidia
    • Dystopia Rod - dystopiarod
    • Nebulite Flashlight - nebuliteflashlight
    • Anarchy's Soul Gem - anarchygem
    • Common Equipment Capsule - prizebox_common (Includes: prizebox_common_2, prizebox_common_3, prizebox_common_4, prizebox_common_5, prizebox_common_6)
    • Uncommon Equipment Capsule - prizebox_uncommon (Includes: prizebox_uncommon_2, prizebox_uncommon_3, prizebox_uncommon_4, prizebox_uncommon_5, prizebox_uncommon_6)
    • Rare Equipment Capsule - prizebox_rare (Includes: prizebox_rare_2, prizebox_rare_3, prizebox_rare_4, prizebox_rare_5, prizebox_rare_6)
    • Costume Capsule - prizebox_costume
    • Legendary Equipment Capsule - prizebox_legendary
    • Acolyte Hood - nebuliteacolytehat
    • Acolyte Robe - nebuliteacolytechest
    • Acolyte Pants - nebuliteacolytelegs
    • Demon Hunter - nebulitedemonhunter
    • Nebulite Gi Hat - nebuliterobehat
    • Nebulite Gi Robe - nebuliterobe
    • Nebulite Gi Pants - nebuliterobelegs
    • Wanderer's Monolith - nebulitewandererstone
    • Nebulite Iron Armor Hat - nebulitetier1head
    • Nebulite Iron Armor Chest - nebulitetier1chest
    • Nebulite Iron Armor Pants - nebulitetier1pants
    • Nebulite Steel Armor Hat - nebulitetier2head
    • Nebulite Steel Armor Chest - nebulitetier2chest
    • Nebulite Steel Armor Pants - nebulitetier2pants
    • Nebulite Titanium Armor Hat - nebulitetier3head
    • Nebulite Titanium Armor Chest - nebulitetier3chest
    • Nebulite Titanium Armor Pants - nebulitetier3pants
    • Nebulite Durasteel Armor Hat - nebulitetier4head
    • Nebulite Durasteel Armor Chest - nebulitetier4chest
    • Nebulite Durasteel Armor Pants - nebulitetier4pants
    • Nebula Console - nebulaconsole
    • Nebulite Alarm - nebulitealarm
    • Nebulite Big Chest - nebulitebigchest
    • Nebulite Chest - nebulitechest
    • Crystal Torch - nebulitecrystaltorch
    • Dark Energy Lamp - nebulitelampsuggested
    • Nebulite Pillar - nebulitepillar
    • Supply Chest - nebulitesupplychest
    • Nebulite Table - nebulitetable
    • Nebulite Torch - nebulitetorch
    • Captains Chair - nebulitecaptainschair
    • Fuel Hatch - nebulitefuelhatch
    • Research Station - nebuliteresearchstation
    • Ship Door - nebuliteshipdoor
    • Ship Locker - nebuliteshiplocker
    • Tech Station - nebulitetechstation
    • Teleporter - nebuliteteleporter
    • Booster Flame - smallnebuliteboosterflame
    • Covenant Avian Statue - nebuliteavianstatue
    • Covenant Broken Human Statue - nebulitehumanstatue
    • Large Nebulite Gem - nebulitebiggem
    • Block Statue - nebulitebigblock
    • Broken Block Statue - nebulitebigblockbroken
    • Altar of Creation - nebulitecreationaltar
    • Nebulite Throne - nebulitethrone (UNUSED)
    • Nebulite Bed - nebulitebedsuggested
    • Nebulite Block - nebuliteblock
    • Nebulite Bricks - nebulitebricks
    • Nebulite Pillar Block - nebulitepillarblock
    • Nebulite Platform - nebuliteplatform
    • Nebulite Support Block - nebulitesupport

    • Wayger - Storyline Development, Design Input, Pre-Release Play Tester, Ship Co-Designer.
    • Thogan - Concept Art, Design Input, Pre-Release Play Tester.
    • JunosatoRyu - Art Contribution(s).
    • LlamaStein - Art Contribution(s).
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Doogoul
    Version: 3.2
    Great mod but I wanted more pridsets and scenery as well as NPC Nebulites as well as codexes. There is one problem, the gate to the outpost on the initial planet disappears and this leads to a dead end, of course you can fix it through the console
  2. CloudyTheSergal
    Version: 3.2
    Amazing !! I would like to witness more of the incredible potential that this mod has, also more generated structures and decorative items
  3. ZombieDeadPOOL1
    Version: 3.2
    Best mod ever! Would you pls update the mod and have a patch for Frackin Universe as well if you have the time one day? Have a nice night!
  4. Sleora
    Version: 3.2
    A mod with a great potential.
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    Author Abandoned This Mod, will crash game if used.
  6. olsenitis
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    geate one but i cant use the ship
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    its good cant wait to play all theh stuff
  8. tyler waynescott
    tyler waynescott
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    can you tell me how to start the first mission idk if its not downloaded right or if it is just broken. can you tell me how to activate the first chapter
    1. ZimaZang
      Author's Response
      The quests themselves aren't in yet, for now just look for Spatial Anomalies on the starmap.
  9. thatMUELLERkid235
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    cant tell you how long Ive waited for this moment. You have out done yourself Mod Man.
  10. Saint Apollyon
    Saint Apollyon
    Version: 3.0 BETA-V1
    I T L I V E S