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The Orcana 1.4.3f

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. Parity Update


    Just a quick update for all you non-Steam users. This update brings you everything that is in the Steam version. Just some minor things, but things that I should have posted here long ago. Enjoy!

    • Blocks
      • Added Coral Bookshelf Block to the list of crafting recipes learned when you pick up a Coral Block.
      • Changed the name of the marble material to rawmarbleblock to avoid duplicate naming conflicts.
      • Renamed all marble materials to use more unique names in...
  2. The Return

    • Cities
      • Added an apartment building to city generation.
      • Added a mining facility to city generation.
      • Added a temple to city generation.
      • Added random loot to the various containers throughout the cities.

    • Armor
      • Preliminary Draconarius Helmet (T5 manipulator helm) art is in.
      • Orcana Skull Mask (Also added to bone biome treasure pool)
      • Orcana Anatomy Mask (Also added to flesh biome treasure pool)
      • Orcana Anatomy Trousers (Also...
  3. 1.4b

    • Objects
      • Added Orcana Tower Clock
    • Dungeons
      • Added guard towers to the empty domes at the ends of the cities
    • Fixes and Other Changes
      • Lowered the price of bubbulb fruit and made it a perennial crop
      • Corrected the issue with Advanced Test Drive quest awarding a human mech instead of the Orcana one
      • Removed all reference to the laurel wreath blueprint quest - the laurel wreath is already known by all new Orcana by default
  4. Quick City Fix


    • Fixes and Other Changes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the top section of the city center buildings from spawning in Orcana cities
  5. 1.4 Quick Update

    Just a quick update to fix a minor quest related bug.
    • Fixes and Other Changes
      • Removed the Orcana-only invisible quest that taught the Laurel Wreath recipe upon acquiring plant fibre. All Orcana now start with this recipe.
      • Finally changed the version number to coincide with the current version of Starbound. Any sub versions of the mod will be appended with letters. (ie. 1.4a then 1.4b)

    Happy Hunting!
  6. Squashed bugs and added stuff


    • New Objects
      • Orcana Ship Hatch +
      • Orcana Table Lamp
      • Coral Stove
      • Coral Wall Shelf
      • Small Coral Wall Shelf
      • Orcana Coral Relief
      • Orcana Coral Relief BG
      • Coral Stool
      • Potted Ember Coral
      • Orcana Beacon
    • Cooking
      • Recipe and food item added for Fish With Krillberry Sauce
    • New Codex Entries
      • Codex - Helios Histories Volume I
      • Codex - Helios Histories Volume II
    • Other
      • Renamed Orcana...
  7. ...another test

    Let me know how this one goes...
  8. Just trying a little something to see if it might help...

    This is just a quick 'best practices' cleanup of my patch file to make sure that they are all nice and safe and friendly as possible. I made a few internal coding improvements to some of them, but nothing that will be noticed in game. I just want to see if doing this helps with this strange bug that some people are experiencing.
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  9. Trying something out...

    Evidently the last update is still causing some issues. Let's give this one a try and see what happens...
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  10. I'm Baaaaaack...

    • New Objects
      • Small Coral Table
      • Commemorative portrait of Tenrius "Silverfeelin" Lucidus
      • Produce Kiosk
      • Clothing Kiosk
      • Weapon Kiosk
      • Orcana Banner
      • Big Orcana Banner
    • New Material
      • Coral Bookshelf Block with recipe
    • New Recipes
      • Coral Molding, Fancy Coral Molding, and the alternate Coral Platform can now be crafted.
    • Other
      • Added many lines of Orcana dialog and interactions.
      • The Giant Coral biome...