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The Peglaci Pleased Giraffe Stable!

A race of peaceful, peace-keeping humanoids from an icy world.

  1. Djinn




    "Other races may seek for ages the mystery of their origins. Not so for the Peglaci - we alone know our creators."

    "In our distant past, the Peglaci were an apex carnivore, hunting - and being hunted by - the whales that were their chief source of food. They scarcely had tool-use, and gathered themselves in hunting bands, raiding other groups and running off with their young."

    "One day, a great light came upon our ancestors, and they felt themselves change inside - the influence of the Giants, our creators and parents to us all. Over scant millenia, the Giants guided our species from savagery into civilization, spurning our worship and instilling in us the knowledge that we could be as them, one day."

    "The Giants answered what questions we thought to ask, seemingly proud that we sought to push ourselves forwards, and ever willing to help us advance. They asked nothing of us in return - what could we give a race such as theirs? Even so, we strove to live up to their intentions for us, however murky they may have seemed."

    "All at once, they left us. Whether they ascended beyond this realm, having accomplished their goals, or merely died off, we know not. All they left us were their artifacts, their databanks, and their belief in tolerance and justice."

    "As Peacekeepers, we strive to make the galaxy a better place for all beings, as they would have wanted."
    - Cicatrice White-Glare, Peacekeeper Chief

    • The Peglaci are a brand new race ideally suited for cold climates - no longer will you fear the cold, now you will embrace it.
    • Brand New Ship - tiny, but terribly efficient. All tech in the ship is concentrated in one area near the captain's chair
      Additionally, the captain's chair
      heals you for those long space voyages.
    • Armor For Every Tier - Armor for every tier of content to keep you warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets!
      Even basic Peglaci clothing
      (4 sets in all!) will keep you warmer than most armor, and by tier 10 you'll stay cozy no matter where you are!
    • Weapons For Every Tier - Balanced spears, axes, fist weapons, and throwing weapons for every tier!
      • Throwing weapons alternate between throwing blades and grenades every alternate tier - begin with basic knives and timed grenades and end up with piercing, energy-sapping (literally draining the energy resource from your opponent!) knives and bombs that leave behind a cloud of ice that covers the landscape in snow and freezes your opponents in place!
    • Guns with Alternate Fire - You begin the game with a broken pistol that you must repair with a bar of iron You acquire your pistol after your first few quests; once you do so, you'll find that you can either fire it as normal or charge it to fire a bouncing shot. Later on, it can be upgraded to have a stunning secondary fire that locks your target in place for a moment.
      • Branching Gun Upgrades - Even further in the game, your sidearm can be upgraded to either a submachinegun or shotgun.
        • Shotgun Path - The Shotgun can either fire a spread of bullets OR concentrate the shots into a single grenade that lights your opponent on fire!
        • SMG Path - The SMG has no alternate fire - what it DOES have is the ability to drain your opponents armor! The longer you stay focused on them, the more damage you (and your allies!) will deal to them! Beware, if you take your attention off them even for a moment, their armor will slowly regenerate.
    • Rich Lore - A variety of codexes ingame to give you more history of the Peglaci, as well as to tease upcoming features!
    • Fine Dining - The Peglaci come with two new crops, that can also be found (rarely) in the wild: Snowberries and Spongeweed.
      • Snowberries are sweet, and terribly poisonous - but have interesting medicinal properties...
      • Spongeweed carries the ability to hyperoxygenate the blood - one bite restores a large amount of air, but with processing it can be made into an elixir that allows extended periods without air!
      • Additionally, a Peglaci on a frozen planet can always feed themselves, even without a campfire! Frostbitten Meat can be made with a bit of Meat and snow to restore some hunger and a bit of health, and Slushpaste can be made in even leaner situations - with some plant fibre and a bit of snow, a Peglaci can make a concoction that will suppress hunger for a while (although it tastes utterly foul).
    • Alternate Quests - As a Peglaci character, you play a Peacekeeper, an envoy of the Peglaci who attempts to solve problems and respond to distress calls regardless of origin. The tutorial quests reflect this origin, and will continue in this vein in future updates.
    • INTEGRATION WITH VANILLA RESOURCES - This is a BIGGIE. The Peglaci have object for EVERY VANILLA OBJECT IN THE ENTIRE GAME! No matter whether you're in a Glitch town, a Human prison or an Avian tomb, your character will have something to say about it!
      • This also goes for villagers! Any villager you talk to will have something species-relevant to say to you!
      • INTRO CINEMATIC INCLUDED. Watch it when you create a character and things will make a lot more sense!
      • Respawn Cinematic too!
    • You Don't Start as a Total Failure - Often overlooked as a feature! You start out with a set of Tier 1 armor, a dagger, a broken (easily repairable) gun, and copper pickaxe. You were sent out to do a job, so you're not starting from scratch!

    Unpack it, and drop it in your Starbound mod folder. Also, you require a modded character creation menu, such as ACCM (http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/another-character-creation-menu.1257/), so get one of those too if you haven't got one.

    I have many future plans, but plan to release them in installments. The rough planned order is this:
    • Branching Gun Upgrades: Started upon in this release, but planned to be expanded. The idea is that starting at Aegisalt tier, guns will branch out in upgrades. So Aegisalt sees the upgrade split between two choices, the following tier will be a straight damage upgrade for both of them, but the tier after that will branch again. This pattern then continues - in the end, you'll have 8 different upgrade possibilities from your initial gun (all of them quite different in gameplay)
      • Expected: DONE[​IMG]

      • Settlements: Well they need someplace to live! Two main sorts of places Peglaci congregate (both on snow, tundra or arctic planets) - settlements (which contain the bulk of their villagers and are partially/mostly underwater) and Peacekeeper Outposts, where a Peglaci character will be getting their orders.
        • Expected: Once I figure out how to make settlements! Also pretty soon, I'd imagine.
      • Cannibal Asteroid Bases: Cannibal Peglaci who live on asteroids! They hunt and kill other sentients, steal their tech, and use it to upgrade their bodies and try to push themselves toward the next stage of evolution. You know, standard stuff. Expect mutants, lots of danger, and lots of treasure if you want to risk it. -
        • Expected: Not for a while - once I learn how to make settlements (required for this also), I need to actually sprite out the new baddies and figure out some AI for em!
      • Giant Citadels: The mysterious remnants of the Peglaci's creators. Once they vanished, all that remained of them were these mysterious spires in the more dangerous parts of the galaxy. Made of effectively indestructible materials (unless you CHEAT), you'll have to navigate their deadly puzzles if you want to reach the summit and uncover their secrets.
        • Expected - Probably shortly after the Cannibals - it seems tough but once I know how to do the previous ones, this will just be more of the same.

    My profoundest gratitude goes out to Audish, who helped write out several hundred of the object descriptions! I could not have done this without your help, man!


      • Final few things! If you find bugs (you might, though I did playtest and the log file says it's clean!), please let me know and I'll do my darndest to fix it!
      • If you like it, let me know so I can go "aw shucks!"
      • If you draw me some fanart, I'll include your character in an ingame codex! If it's REALLY AWESOME, I'll add something cool to the mod in your honor!
      • Finally, feel completely free to gut my code, take my sprites, and do anything at all you want with anything in this mod!
    Peglaci Friendly Multiplayer Servers:

    - -Spacefox's Server- -
    - -Snowpups's Server- -

    - - Versuno's Server- -




    By Soulcake135
    By Matpainter
    By DatorSin
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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      Currently not uploaded to the most recent version of Starbound, unfortunately - soon!
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