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The Saturnians v1.3.8.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. Saturnians v1.3 (For Starbound 1.4.x)

    Saturnians 1.3 Patch Notes (For Starbound version 1.4.x)

    This update is kind of a stop-gap. The intended main feature of the update (Mage Baton weapon type) probably still needs balancing, so you can't obtain them without spawning yet. Mage Batons are crafted at the temporarily uncraftable Staff Enchanting Table.

    (All changes apply to both Saturnians/Thaumoth)

    Additions and changes:

    -Added a crafting table for Saturnian furniture. It's crafted at an inventor's table, and any species can craft it's furniture without blueprints.

    -Mage coffee makers are now a crafting station and can actually make coffee.

    -Adjusted Saturnian block recipes to be more consistent while still being cheap. Most blocks are crafted like this: Planks-->Slopes-->Sloped Glass

    -Saturnians now start with most of their block recipes unlocked.

    -All blocks have zero sell value, and merchants now sell compressed stacks of blocks.

    -Both hanging crystal lamps can be crafted in 14 colors now. Reduced light flicker strength on the bottle lamps.

    -Some structures in villages can generate with different colors.

    -Added Plume Moth Wings Angular Energy Wings, and Rainbow Wings.


    -Many objects have updated graphics:
    Saturnian Pilot's Chair
    Ship Fuel Hatch
    Potion bottles held by crew.
    All Banners

    -Kyterran and their armor have new appearances.

    -Charging wands now have a subtle thread effect

    -Several clothes and wings now support the dual colored dyes from EIKO's HOUND Fashion mod:
    Lantern Wings (Lantern metal is dyed)
    Eclipse (Mothron) Wings (Tan part of the wings is dyed)
    Black Spotted Wings (Dyes spots)
    Inv. Leopard Wings (Wings)
    Parallelogram Wings (Outline)
    Black Outline Wings (Outline)
    Dual Colored Top Hat (Band)

    Flux Robes [Thaumoth tier 3 armor] (Black fabric)
    Mage Skirt (Pants)
    All versions of hats with grey antennae. (Antennae are dyed)

    -Midnight Wings now emit smoke. If you don't like this, don't forget that you can dye any wings with Midnight Dye.

    New blocks:

    -Bronze Glass Slope
    -Birch Glass Slope
    -Dark Oak Glass Slope
    -Mahogany Glass Slope
    -Dark Oak Planks
    -Mahogany Planks
    -Sloped Colorful Stone

    In addition, the following blocks now drop when mined from villages, are now craftable, and have new painted colors:

    -Brass Sloped Panel
    -Dark Oak Sloped Panel
    -Mahogany Sloped Panel

    -Saturnian crew no longer have a primary weapon, which for some reason fixes the bug with them rapidly swapping weapons when idle. This only applies to new crewmembers.

    -Medic crew members now carry red potions.

    -Decorative yellow potions are yellow and not orange.

    -Ebony Doors are craftable by Saturnians.

    -Purple Goggles are no longer made from fabric. How did they see?!

    -When beaming down with a mech, the mech pod's metal is now bronze colored to match the teleport loading animation. Why is only half of the teleport animation set up to be race specific?

    -Banners, posters, and paintings all have unique icons.

    -Saturnian slopes that are not glass now block light, possibly reducing lag.

    -Greatly reduced minigun damage. Miniguns also have new graphics.

    -Kyterran think traveling is tiring, not tiering. tires don exits
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