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The Saturnians v1.3.8.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. 1.3.1 Staves, Wands, and Batons!

    The Staff Enchanting Table can now be crafted at an Inventor's Table. In addition to the existing staves, you can also craft a new kind of staff, Mage Batons.

    Batons are functionally similar to guns. Each has a windup animation before firing. Generally, batons fire slower, more powerful projectiles than guns. Mods that give wands stat bonuses will also apply to batons.
    You can usually craft two weapon batons per tier. (if balance still seems off, please let me know.)

    Various tool wands can be crafted (Some previously existing as village only gear):

    • Fairy Beacon Wand: Creates a controllable orb of light that also pulls in items. It's an upgrade to the starting Beacon Wand.
    • Silk Grapple Wand: Functions as a better, reusable version of climbing rope.
    • Rain Cloud Staff: Control a rain cloud that waters crops.

    (A tab also exists that is currently unused. Status effect batons are planned for it.)

    • Wings now display the name of the moth species they are based on. The reference wings that aren't based on moths instead list the order they're based on.
    • Lantern Wings now give both the light and wing effects.
    • Added two variants of banners.
    • Some banners can be flipped.

    • Modified the damage output of most baton weapons.
    • The black scythe used by a certain crew member now inflicts a status effect.
    • Kyterran can spawn with differently colored heads.
    • Kyterran swing their arms when they run and jump.
    • Rain Cloud and Grass Staves are now half price. (6000 --> 3000)

    • Compressed Sloped Ebony no longer contains 1000 Compressed Sloped Ebony!
    • Saturnians and Thaumoth can craft Rainbow wings.
    • Saturnian Blacksmiths sell scythes (At least until the Thaumoth get their proper merchants)
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