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The Saturnians v1.3.8.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. Wasp Moths + Hats: Village Crash Fix

    Saturnians Patch Notes:
    • Fixed villages causing crashes.
    • Made a certain hat craftable.


    Saturnians 1.2 Patch Notes:

    -Added a Hat fitter, for converting hats for Saturnian use. It works like furnaces used to back in beta. Place a hat in the first slot and press the button.
    (The Hat Fitter is crafted by hand for only 1 pixel.)
    177 Total converted hats + 20 alt versions. Whew!
    All Racial Helmets can be converted (even if it doesn't do much)
    Costume hats that already fit Saturnians can't be converted.
    Some hats are just adjusted by a few pixels, while others are completely redesigned.
    Some hats have alt versions that you can swap to with a "Cosmetics Transmogrifier"
    Converted hats are marked with the ancient character for S (Looks like ":L", but rotated.)
    Converted hats can be dyed with Saturnian dye.
    This hat fitter uses Sparklink's outfit fitter as a base: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/outfit-fitter.4857/

    -Added a "Cosmetics Transmogrifier" that swaps certain armor appearances. For example, if you have converted a glitch helmet, you can change whether it shows your face, or gives you red eyes like the vanilla helmets. You can swap your armor for some previously unused sets (mostly Sci-fi themed), or add antennae to certain hats.

    (This table is crafted with the Inventor's Table)

    -Added 8 new Saturnian dyes. Regal Moth Blue (Dyes robe trim colors orange), Luna Moth Green (Dyes robe trim colors maroon), IO Moth Purple (Dyes robe trim colors yellow),
    Light Pink, Lavender, Snow (brighter white), Midnight (darker black), and Evolight (Tier 6 weapon palette)

    -Added "Waspmim" Villages. The Waspmim are based on Wasp Moths. They're Saturnians that mimic a wasp species in an effort to seem stronger that they really are. They're terrible at it, often confusing bees with wasps, but they try their best.

    -The Waspmim wizard sells some unique items. The new projectile-based weapons were meant to be part of two new classes of weapon, but that's on hold for now.

    -Wasp mimic wings have updated graphics. Renamed to Waspmim wings
    -Added solid colored and polka dot wasp mimic wings
    -Added Galaxy wings.

    -Added antennae and a hairstyle based on Dustox and Larvesta. I think every moth Pokemon is referenced in some way now.

    -Added more shades of black and white to the character creator.

    -The Saturnians mod will now load after the Vespoid and Hive Wasp species mods. Waspmim have some unique dialog for player characters of either species.

    -----Bug fixes
    -Wings now have their tooltip properly set.
    -The wing status effect has an icon to make it clear that wings aren't just cosmetic.
    -Villages use less sloped blocks, reducing lag.
    -Chests in potion shops now contain less materials.
    -Bubble Door Hatches have there wiring nodes moved to the right place.
    -Because mannequin clothes can't dyed with the last color on the dye list, teal dye wouldn't work. Now a placeholder color is the last on the list, letting you display any color.
    -Actian (Thaumoth) Bubble Doors and Hatches are craftable. Both Saturnian species can craft both variants of hatches and doors.
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