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The Saturnians v1.3.8.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. Saturnians v1.3.2

    Saturnians Version 1.3.2 Patch Notes:


    You can craft Healing Batons, Silk Batons, and Calm Batons. Silk Batons slow opponents down, and Calm Batons reduce their damage for a short time.
    Staff Enchanters now sell randomly generated Mage Batons.

    Added Floating Crystals Lights, Floating Orb Lights and Crystal Lampposts. Floating Lights can be placed in midair. Crafted with the Saturnian Furniture Table.
    Added purple and orange versions of Bubble Doors and Hatches.

    Added two new variants of the Sun/Crescent Robes, Star Robes, (Crescent Robes, but with white.), and Twilight Robes (Sun Robes, but with the same dual palettes the Dual Colored Top Hat has.)
    All four hoods from these sets: Sun/Crescent/Twilight/Star, have new alternate versions with a sun/moon medallion.
    Some old, unobtainable clothes were retouched and made craftable:
    • Luminary Robe (Chest)
    • Actian Robe (Chest)
    • Saturnian Space Helmet
    • Twilight Visor Hood
    Added a Party Hat to celebrate that Saturnians has been released for two years!
    Versions of hats with glasses can be crafted with the Cosmetics Transmogrifier.

    New Tennants:
    • Io Staff Enchanter: Moves into homes with Saturnian furniture, magic objects and an Io banner. Sells staves and blocks.
    • Alchemist Merchant: Moves into homes with Saturnian furniture, and at least 8 alchemy objects. Sells potions and alchemy clutter.
    • Blacksmith Merchant: Moves into homes with Saturnian furniture, and at least 2 crafting objects. Sells weapons and armor.
    • ???: Moves into homes with Saturnian furniture and 50 light sources! Doesn't sell anything.

    General Changes:
    Npc changes (only affects newly generated npcs):
    • Some guards are replaced with wizard guards that wear robes and only use random batons.
    • Other "Battlemage" guards now spawn with either a baton, or a bow for ranged fights.
    • Soldier crew members can spawn with random batons.
    • Blue and Green chemist moth crew always have random fireball/elemental ball firing batons.
    • Yellow chemist moth crew always have random elemental beam firing batons.
    • Orange chemist moth crew always have bows.
    Changed the recipes for the Sphinx Mech Bodies with glass so you can freely swap between glass colors.
    Both mech parts now have 1.4's cheaper recipes.

    The Flare Baton's (second tier 2 baton) fireballs now explode and leave fire after they hit an enemy, or after 2 seconds.
    The Star Rod (second tier 6 baton) now fires larger, rainbow stars.
    Homing Burst, Bee, and Flare Batons have new graphics.
    There were two nearly identical ring shields, so I gave one type a new look.

    Starbound's dialog system apparently supports cross-mod dialog again, so the Waspmims' easter egg dialog for bees doesn't need to make sure bee species are installed anymore.
    Slight changes to Saturnian dialog.

    Many objects have been retagged to support spawning new tenants. For example, all placeable potion bottles and alchemy apparatuses are now tagged as alchemy objects.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Compressed Colored Stone being misnamed as "Compressed Birch Planks"
    • Fixed Silver Circlet dye colors.
    • Bubble Doors and Saturnian shiplockers can be crafted at the Saturnian Furniture Table.
    • Renamed "saturncirclesollampicon" to "saturncirclesollampicon2" to attempt to fix an issue where a mystery mod was seemingly replacing it with an old version without the new colors.
    • Bronze Rail Tram crafting recipe now crafts Bronze Rail Trams instead of a duplicate Ebony Rail Tram.
    • All of the ring shield types found in village chests are now specifically told they shouldn't have default levels.
    • Merged missing Kyterran status effects.
    • Added missing punctuation to combat dialog.
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