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The Stars My Destination - Sword and Spells 0.2.5c & 0.2.6b(NIGHTLY)

A sword you can do Combo, A wand you can do Magic

  1. hythl0day
    The Stars My Destination

    Just in case the link above doesn't work, you can copy the link below:
    Version: 0.2.6b (Only in Cheerful Giraffe)
    Version: 0.2.5c (Support Glad Giraffe and Cheerful Giraffe)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6nn0u2hm5a252j/TSMD 0.2.5c & 0.2.6b.zip?dl=0
    Download the zip file, and pick the version for your game. You only need one modpak file. Then put it in your mod folder.

    NOTE1: This mod included PenguinGUI library, more detals: http://penguintoast.github.io/PenguinGUI/doc/index.html
    NOTE2: Some code in version 0.2.6 is from Wellbot. I'd like to thank him for allow me to use them.

    1, If you install a new version, some of the old item you have might appeared weird or doesn't function, you could try craft new ones.
    2, Backup your save files before you install or uninstall, to prevent possible loss of your data. This mod might touch some vital lua files of vanilla game.(Although should be fine if you don't have other mod that also changed the same lua file.)
    3, As for compatibility issues, it's not the major concern by now, but if you have any, you could report to me by pm or reply in the discussion post.

    Known Issue

    1, NPC's skincolor and facial mark may varied from time to time.
    2, Some times throwing the orb will cause it to penetrate the terrains for unknown reason. Doesn't affect gameplay.
    3, Sigfrid said he gave you the blueprint of t1 sword, but he didn't(I forgot), will fix it in next version.
    N, If you find any other bugs or glitches, let me know.

    About the mod

    This mod is still in alpha, so a full introduction is not yet available, I just write every new bits about it in this main page. For earlier information(recipes etc), pls scroll down to the bottom.

    I give it this name, because I want to try many things in it.
    In the future, I want to explore the possibility of four kinds totally different occupation (game expierence): Swordmam, Mage, Assasin and Monk.
    And what is in the very first alpha version is just a tip of the Iceberg I want to created. So I genuinely don't know if I could finish it by myself.
    Anyway, I'm open to all suggestion and criticize. I'll be very happy if you have any.

    0.2.6 Version Introduction(Only available in Nightly Game)
    Added some stealth(invisible) effect into game. The lua code is borrowed from Wellbot, by his permission.
    There are three similar yet different stealth.
    1, Assassin: You can only do a success stealth when there's no one(NPCs, monsters) around you. With shorter Cooldown time, and duration. Have a 2.0 multiplier to your power when you attack. Any damage to you or to other things will break the stealth.
    2, Mage: You now can craft a invisible potion. You can use it at any time(even during battle), and have a relatively longer duration. But you have no extra power multiplier when you break stealth.
    3, NPC: Some hostile npc will also do stealth, they can stealth at any time, and they will not break stealth even when they do damage, but the power multiplier is only 1.25, and the duration is much shorter.

    Added a pair new weapon for the new assassin class. Following the same style of vanilla game's fist weapon.
    So it works just like fist weapon, you will alternate left hand and your right hand weapon if you equip fist weapon on both hands.
    If you start with left hand and attacked three times, you will end with the combo finisher of your right hand on the fourth attack. Likewise if you start with right hand attack, you will get your left hand weapon's combo finisher.

    Beside the combo finisher. The two dagger have another feature. That is, you can do "backstab", but it requires you to attack behind the enemy, and since the enemy will turn to you, so this kind of attack is better done with the help of the stealth ability of the Assasin tech.

    Backstab is different from normal weapon damage, they are pure damage, do not affected by the protection or power multiplier, this means you will do extra 20 damage on a backstab attack, no more no less no matter your weapon level, your armor multiplier or the monster/npc level. Notice the weapon will do its normal damage on a backstab just as normal.This is why Backstab damage is called "extra".

    0.2.6 introduced a mini-game, lockpicking. (To enter this you have to consume a lockpickingtool first.)
    The game is in fact a simpler version of rubik's cube.
    You can move color blocks to different direction, and according to the difficulty level of the game. You will win if you make one or two or five row of blocks the correct color(the correct color is shown on the right border of the board).
    I want to make this into a new kind of treasure chest that will spawn on any planet. But right now this mini game is only appeared once in the Nibelungen mission.

    In 0.2.6, I expanded some content of the Nibelungen mission. But it is still incomplete.


    0.2.5 Version Introduction

    One day, you stopped by the Ancient Gateway again(You rarely came to this place since 2stop started selling teleporters). You are surprised that there's a new location available through the ancient console. It is recognized as Nibelungen by the ancient device. That's how you first met Sigfrid, The Swordmaster of our era, and that's where our story started...

    After learned much about The Sword and its combo from Sigfrid, you realize that clearly Sigfrid is not alone in Nibelungen, as you explore deep, you met a ill tempered avian and his house. And this one is unwilling to share any information with you. But you can always find out yourself.

    For those couldn't find out how to perform those combos, expand this:

    Slash - Click left mouse button
    Hack - Press and Hold left mouse button, and release
    Pierce - Click right mouse button
    Parry - Press and Hold right mouse button

    lvl2 sword new combo: Slash -> Slash -> Pierce
    lvl3 sword new combo: Slash -> Slash -> Hack
    lvl4 sword new combo: Pierce -> Pierce -> Slash
    lvl5 sword new combo: Pierce -> Pierce -> Hack
    lvl6 sword new combo: Slash -> Pierce -> Hack

    New Tech: Mage And Swordmaster

    Sigfrid and Yeecalu will give you a quest when you first met them, upon finished, you will unlock a new tech respectively.


    The Swordmaster tech enables you to do combos. And the Mage tech enables you to do spells.
    Besides as a class signature and limitation, they also have other functions.

    Right now, as a swordmaster, your energy will gradually deplete over time when you are not engaged in a battle. And you will gain energy if you do an attack and hit(slash into the air doesn't count), or you take damage from other things. There will be more traits about the energy of swordmaster in the future(e.g. increase your phy. damage), but that's still not implemented in this 2.5 version.

    And as a mage, your energy will have a very slow rate to regenerate (instead of the rapid one in vanilla game), however the scroll doesn't consume your energy now. And your mageTech itself(by pressing F or any key you set in option) give your a way to restore about 40% energy, but have a 90 sec. cooldown.

    If you don't want to mine those essence Yeecalu asked, use admin:

    the item name for these essence is "essence_red", "essence_white", "essence_green", "essence_blue"

    /spawnitem essence_red 50 **** say you want 50 red essence ore
    /admin **** to quit admin mode, this mode will stay turn on even if you quit the game, so always remember to turn it off when you don't want to use it any more



    New Item: Bottled Energy Liquid:

    For everyone's need to regenerate your energy since they became precious rightnow. You automatically aquire the blueprint upon pickup Erchius Fuel. You could craft it either on cooking table(stable version) or on medical table(nightly version).

    3.4.png 3.4.1.png
    And for some reason, you could regain Energy even standing in the fuel right now.

    New Weapon: Mage Orb

    They work just like the wand, enable you to use scrolls and offer Base Spell Power. the difference is, it is a throwable weapon by itself, kind of like a new "boomerang", you throw it and you catch it back after several sec.
    You can Enchant a spell on it(will explain later, and the wand is spell-enchantable in the same way), and when you press and hold enough time (the charge time required by the spell), the orb will blink to tell you it's ready,
    and by release you could do a spell. This kind of performing costs energy, but you can use as many times as you want.(Remember the scroll do not consume energy right now. So pick the style you like, consumable scroll or limited energy)

    And another thing: the Base Spell Power is determined by the hand you use, if you hold a wand and a orb in the same time, and the wand's spell performing only use the wand's Base Spell Power, and vice versa. Do not comprehend as you can stack Base Spell Power by this way.

    To Enchant A Spell On a Orb or a Wand:

    Just see this demonstration picture(Only one Soulcrystal is needed in fact.). The recipe is same on wand and orb.


    Right now you can get two kind of scrollcase as treasures in your adventure(replaced the esoterica piece in previous version):
    Opening Small Scroll Case will give you a random kind of spellscroll or a Esoterica piece, opening Large one will give you a spellscroll-recipe or a complete Esoterica Scroll.


    Four New Spells:

    Glacier is shown in below, in real case the glacier will move into the direction like a snake:
    Levitation, Fronzenorb and Chainlightning is shown in this GFYCAT link:


    0.2.1 Version Introduction


    New item type: scroll, although there are VERY FEW spells exists right now (in fact you can only steal them from the avian's home, each time you go there). I want to make sure they are unique and truly helpful in your space adventure, so in this version they are just pioneers of the following content I wish to create.
    2.4.png 2.1.png 2.2.png 2.3.png

    How to Use Scroll

    So someone surely want to wield his other powerful weapon and use those scrolls in the same time and rule the Universe.

    However that's impossible, because you have to Hold a Wand in your other hand, or the magic won't happen.

    And there's only one kind of wand in this version, which is also in the avian's house, and you need a little effort to find it out. (hint: the locked chest)


    And there are three importance factor to a spell:

    Spell Power Multiplier
    Chant Time
    Cool Down Time

    The Spell Power Multiplier and the Base Spell Power of your wand together decided the actual power of your magic.
    The Chant Time is how long you have to wait each time before you perform a spell before the spell "shoot out".
    And the Cool Down Time is how long you have to wait, after you performed a spell, before you can do another time.
    These three factors are different between spells.

    And plus, you have to remember, Spell Scrolls are "consumables". Kind of like the
    bullets of a gun, you need to "Reload" from time to time, and further more, their MaxStack size is set to 36, so you cannot carry a great number of them in on time.

    About the wand

    You have two moves on the Wand itself(without the need of scroll).
    Click button: Slash attack, similar to a shortsword does in vanilla game, with lower damage.

    Press and Hold button and release: Shoot a Magic Missile toward the position you are aiming, also with low damage.


    New Materials

    Elemental Essence Ores:

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

    They are relatively rare, and you can only find them in deep core of a planet (of any type and difficulty).

    They are used to craft scroll and to enchant your weapon.

    New Recipes And new Crafting Tables

    The thing is, The Sword no longer have default "Elemental Type", instead, you can enchant a element type you want with these ores.

    Left: Enchant Table, Right: Scroll Desk(to make Spell Scrolls you have to have blueprint, and blueprint of scrolls are crafted in Enchant Table)

    5 any kind of Spell Scroll + 1 Esoterica Scroll + 1 Soul Crystal = the recipe of that Spell Scroll
    A weapon(The Sword or the Wand, not vanilla game weapon) + 4 of any kind of Elemental Essence Ores + 1 Soulcrystal = The Weapon with a certain kind of elemental type damage.

    Changes to previous content

    The sword:
    1, No longer have default Elemental Type, you have to enchant them manually.
    2, The combo finisher are changed:
    lvl2 sword: Spinslash
    lvl3 sword: No longer have explosion when you blink
    lvl4 sword: Risingslash
    lvl5 sword: Change the command to Slash Pierce Hack, Shrinked the distance of waves, and added a physical wave.
    3, Increased the attack speed, lowered the damage.
    4, Now you have different damage with different moves, the Slash deals lowest damage, with little knockback, the Pierce deals medium damage, with NO knockback, the Hack deals highest damage, and highest knockback.
    5, Increased the parry time of the Sword.

    Other things:

    1, NPC's dialog now follows a sequence(instead of random choose)
    2, New places on Nibelungen(however the map is still incomplete right now)
    3, Stuff I don't remember.... :p


    0.1 Version Introduction

    You could get the blueprint of a new ugradable weapon: The Sword, from Sigfrid(well his chest and anvil exactly, himself does nothing but talking).
    Each time you upgrade(highest level 6), your sword gain an extra combo finisher.
    And besides these combo finisher, All of them have 4 basic moves.

    So for example, you could perform a lvl 2 sword combo by:
    Slash -> Slash -> Pierce (The Flurry finisher)
    All basic moves and combos are demonstrated in follow GFCAT link.

    And for those really want to try it out no matter what. This is the admin command to spawn the lvl6 weapon:

    /spawnitem tsmd_thesword_t6

    And for directly teleport to Nibelungen:

    /warp instanceworld:nibelungen

    To upgrade the sword, you need two kinds of ingredients:
    qqq.png www.png
    The scroll is crafted from scroll pieces you (have a chance) found in chests all over the world. And the soul fragments (have a chance) drop from any creature you killed (but not robot).
    And, if you don't want to farm, you could directly purchase them from Sigrid's treasure chest! (However it will cost you a lot of pixels.)

    And one more thing:
    You don't need to go to Ancient Gateway every time you want to go to Nibelungen, the console there is bookmarkable! So you could teleport there next time.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Sigfrid.png
    2. 3.5.png
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